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After the new site went up, all the videos seemed to lower in quality. Never had a problem like this before the new site, so Im just reporting it to see if anyone else has had a problem. Any video I try to play now is very choppy and hard to look at. Please look into this when you have a second, thanks.

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I've noticed that streaming set to "auto" (which is the only option for streaming) is super low res and has a lot of artifacting going on. For example I tried watching the new Injustice trailer today and couldn't even make out what the hell was happening. Setting to progressive on "high" quality fixed the issue, but if that was the "low" option, it's all but useless.

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We use the CBS auto streaming player to detect wether a person's bandwidth and CPU is keeping up with the streams. The actual potential size of the video files are actually even larger now. HD is 4000k bitrate vs the old 3500k. Posting some specs on your machine would help.

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I have a 20 Mb/s download speed with a core i5 processor 3210M. I have no problem streaming HD+ video on services like twitch.tv , maybe the detection is messed up? Still though, I don't see the point of having a low resolution if the video is indecipherable, and I have a pretty low bar when it comes to video quality.

Oh, I'm using chrome v 24.0.1312.57 m.

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I have had no problems with the streaming player. Been absolutely perfect :D

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I just tried progressive on low and it was fine. The issue is exclusively with the auto streaming. Here is a screen shot to show that I'm not exaggerating.

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Most of the video is this terrible. Ignore the black line on the left, I had to paste the screenshot into paint to save it, accidentally drew on it :/.

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@rollingzeppelin: We may need to disable that mobile only stream as part of the auto. I'll talk to the engineers on monday about it.

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Same here, getting really crappy quality on streaming mode and I got a Phenon II X6 3,3 ghz + 30mbps connection.