Recently Uploaded User Images do not Load

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#1 Posted by trashqueen (129 posts) -

I noticed some of the images I've uploaded in the past week don't load. Most of the thumbnails look fine (eg. ), but if I click on them, i get this error message.

Examples of images that have this issue are (1), (2),(3), and (4); other users I've asked can't load these images either. This occurs regardless of who has uploaded the image, and regardless of whether they were uploaded directly from my desktop or uploaded by providing a URL.

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#2 Posted by Rorie (5882 posts) -

I'm seeing this too now! I'll file a bug; sorry for the trouble.

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Just want to also report that I'm seeing a lot of my images being straight up deleted. A bunch of random images I uploaded a few weeks ago are just disappearing. Just for example if you go this page it says it has two images but when you click on the gallery there is only one image and the other picture seems to have just disappeared from the page and my gallery.