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I was searching for Secret Agent's wiki page and apparently its first release was 2013; the game was actually released in 1992. It seems the search bar is taking data from the releases section; in the case of Secret Agent, the only release that's filled out is the 2013 GOG release, so it ends up showing that the game was first released this year.

I can understand why it would be programmed this way, but this is just broken. There's a bunch of games with newer release dates that override the correct initial release year. Another example I saw was Duke Nukem 1, which was allegedly first released in 1998, rather than 1991.

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I've noticed this as well. It seems that the First Release date for games on the wiki isn't actually connecting to the first release, but to another release. A lot of games have their US release listed as First Release, when they actually came out much earlier in Japan. Some games have N/A listed for First Release, due to some versions being unreleased, even when other versions have been released.

This appears to be affecting the Sort By Date search option as well, which appears to be connected to the First Release date.

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All those date things are a mess right now. Wrong flags showing up in the wiki next to release dates, first release also messes up the "first appearance" in concept pages for example when a retro game (say, Pac-Man) has been re-released with a modern feature like achievements and now the achievement page says achievements first appeared in Pac-Man which is not true but the wiki thinks it is because Pac-Man's "first" release date is older than any 360 game.