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I've had a couple of occasions now where responding to a blog post where the blog is attached to a forum doesn't propagate the response to both the blog and forum. A post I just made appeared on the blog post (where I wrote it), but didn't appear on the forum version of the thread. I had to copy/paste from the blog to the forum to get it to appear in both places. But when I did, it told me that I had posted too many messages in a row:

Here's the thread in question: http://www.giantbomb.com/grand-theft-auto-v/3030-36765/forums/gtav-from-the-view-of-someone-that-hasn-t-played-g-1453764/#27

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Ah. It finally appeared. Apparently there was just a weird delay between the appearance on one page and the other.

EDIT: And now other people's posts aren't showing up in it despite the most recent replies and my notifications saying that posts have been made.