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I recently started paying to be a "premium" member of this site. Have listened to the podcasts for years and browsed the site as well. I am trying to figure out if the Resume Video From Last Playback feature is still not ready, or if there's something going on with a certain setting I need to be on for it to work?

Videos are always starting at the beginning. I have tried to pause the video for a little while before I close the page to see if it has to sync up and save itself and when I re-open the video it just starts over. I'm using Chrome on Win7 64bit with no adblockers. I've made a topic about this before and never really got an answer.

This feature would be so much nicer than having to find the place I was last at manually... can someone shed some light on this issue?


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It does not work for me. I accidentally close a QL tab and when i re watch the video it says it will resume from the last position of the video i watched yet it starts at the beginning every time.

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Which player are you using? The resume feature does work for me but only with the HTML5 player. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m.

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I have switched between Streaming and Progressive.

I have never used HTML5, will give that a shot next!

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I believe it only works on HTML5, Streaming and Progressive don't. There's no options for it, it'll just work if you switch to HTML5.

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Wow, HTML5 worked! I can't beleive I never bothered to try it :(

Thanks everyone!