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been bugging me for a while...Is the whole point not that we can come on and catch up with the live streams? yet there's only what feels like a half hour grace period after the live stream has ended before the feed just cuts out completely, thus defeating the purpose. test

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The clue is in the name, it's meant to be live. The majority of the time videos are posted within 1-2 hours.

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@el_dude_a_reno: What he said. We need to bring the videos down to get the archives up. They should normally take around 2 hours to get up. Sorry for the trouble!

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i get that but youtube manages to do this uninterrupted. something for someone to look at down the line maybe.

appreciate the response.

@rorie said:

@el_dude_a_reno: What he said. We need to bring the videos down to get the archives up. They should normally take around 2 hours to get up. Sorry for the trouble!

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This was actually functional in the old player. Understand that we - at least immediately - can't have everything - but that was something I definitely took advantage of.

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Is the new player actually removing the underlying video stream (unlike the old player) or is this just about the way the chat forces a refresh to the Börk Börk Börk! page?

If you're not live then you probably don't want to chat (because that's talking about a future bit of the stream) so what you can do is open just the video player - it's the chat page that has the javascript that forces a page refresh once the stream chat gets pulled down. If you (instructions for Chrome, other browsers may be slightly different) right-click on the menu bar of the livestream and then do view frame source (you only want it for the embedded video frame, not the entire chat page) then it opens a new window with the address bar filled with the location, in the format "view-source:[the embed link you actually want]".

So, for the last video I did this on, view-source:www.giantbomb.com/videos/embed/8635/?allow_gb=yes&ad_campaign_id=8635&autoplay=0. Cut the "view-source:" bit from the front, hit enter to load the page, and you've got the embed url (as long as you're logged in for premium livestreams & are a premium members) and an Unprofessional Friday stream ready to roll. You don't need the stuff at the end of the address (settings) for it to work but that's just what Chrome automatically grabs when you do view source.

That way you can go for a jog, go out with friends, etc while you've got a livestream paused and come back to it to resume exactly where you left off. No short grace period, no wondering how long it'll be for the archive to arrive. Just the premium livestream, preserved in amber, unless they ever take down the underlying video it streams from (so far, I've never seen that happen). All you need is to make sure you load the chat page at least once while a livestream is on and then you can grab the embed url you need to watch it when you want.

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http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/embed/8635/ is indeed the URL of kings, I use it all the time as it completely removes chat / lets you be totally late to live things / etc. As far as I can tell the current (or last if there hasn't been another since) live stream will always live at this URL.

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Ah, I had never actually paid much attention to it (and sometime used it for when another service is being embedded to grab that). But that's cool if it's always the same url for the last livestream.

*Has clearly been wearing blinkers*

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This is weird, UPF was on youtube last night, and i was able to do the very thing i described in the first post.


About halfway through i checked the url in a new tab but it was unavailable, but was still able to watch the whole thing on the first tab.

edit: so i guess they made this free as it was Drew's finale and that's why it showed up on YT.