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Hello all,

I have for a while now tried to link my Roku with my CV, GB, CBS account to see HD content. When I do try this, it cycles trough the pages like it accepts it, but when I go back to the Roku the videos are still in a lower rez. I have tried unlinking / linking, removing the channel and adding it back and still nothing.

Is there some magic trick to get it to work?

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@mrgutts On this page http://www.giantbomb.com/roku, when it says 'You've been linked', that means we've sent the response back to your Roku box. You'll have to wait for the Roku screen to actually confirm the link finished before exiting that screen to watch the subscriber videos.

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@frobie: Some videos, such as Unprofessional Fridays and Breaking Brad do not load when selected on my Roku. The load screen appears for a second then returns to browsing.