Roku app feedback thread

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Hey, I'm going to try and consolidate the two existing Roku threads into this one. There is a request in to get the resume function added back in, which we'll see how complicated that will be. Please use this thread if you're having app crashes or other issues and we'll try to work through them. Just please be patient as I don't think we have some of the things that you all are using like TVs with Roku built-in to test with; it might take a bit of time to track down some of these issues.

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If you do get a VPN Day Pass page, try going to the HTTPS version of the site to get the correct, working one:

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Roku updates automatically Rorie. GiantBomb has way too many of these issues for a site that charges a premium price for what is supposed to be a premium service.

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Just wanted to jump in and say the app has been crashing on startup for about two months. The beta app was working for me but now it won't load videos at all.

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Mine updated automatically :/

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Mine updated automatically, just a heads up. Do you need any info on how the app is behaving or anything?

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Mine automatically updated.

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Mine auto updated also. I was using a VPN to access the site recently, thought the VPN day pass screen was related to that. Ironically I did not get that screen while I was on a VPN.

Roku is my primary means of consuming gb, please let me know if I can help.

Edit: Monday follow up. Uninstalled the channel, restarted Roku, reinstalled channel, restarted Roku, still crashes back to the home screen after a few moments, before the video select screen loads.

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Yep, my Roku 3 automatically updated. The app worked last night after I restarted the Roku, but now the app crashes every time it tries to load. I removed and reinstalled it, but it's not working at all.

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My Roku app automatically updated. Yesterday and today I got the VPN Day Pass page on the site. I can only get access to the site if I go to the HTTPS version that Rorie posted. I also use the Windows 10 Giant Bomb app and it will not load any videos.

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Mine auto updated and is working fine.

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Mine updated automatically a couple hours ago after watching another channel. After some hiccups, I was able to get some free videos playing, but linking my premium account failed. Now it seems I can't get the app to open at all, so I removed it completely.

It's mess, but I can make do with the regular site until the Roku app gets sorted out (what I saw of it looked nice though).

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@gatorman: i think it's out of their control and i would have patience and understanding as they are a small site with few staff working hard im sure. i would petition corproate at cbsi to get them more staff if that's your grievance.

e: it's not like they're being radio silent about it and rorie is being attentive to and assisting witht the issues.

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Just chiming in, auto-updated. New layout looks nice but unable to watch any videos.

I agree that the staff are very good communications-wise but it has been frustrating dealing with all the issues surrounding the Roku app in recent circumstances. Not trying to get negative (love ya Rorie) but when I just re-upped my premium subscription it's annoying to yet again be unable to digest any of this primo content unless I watch on my phone or sit in front of my PC.

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#15 Posted by Vyrtigo (8 posts) -

Mine updated and now I can't use the Giant Bomb Enthusiast App on my Fire stick or Giant Bomb Video Buddy on my phone.

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...never push code on a Friday.

I've dug up my long HDMI cable so I'm back in biz for now... but... le sigh.

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I must be in the minority, but mine seems to be working, new interface and all.

I am using the beta app updated to 2.0 and at first I couldn't watch any premium content, but I reauthorized, reset, and then it worked.

I tested by watching last UPF. The app in the store does not load at all, it just dumps back to Home.

I'm using a Roku Ultra and authorized on my phone using the code you get when you press * in the app. Also, I'm not a robot.

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Welp, after another reset of my Roku 2XS, a successful re-linking of my premium account, and another reset, the 2.0 Roku app is working for me in its entirety.

An ol' tip o' the hat to the engineers I reckon.

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Chiming in to say that the new beta is working on my Roku 3. Immediately after linking my account, premium videos refused to play. However after restarting the Roku (System settings -> System Restart), premium and free videos are working fine. If there are problems I'll update my post but so far so good.

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App started working yesterday evening and the Video Buddy started working. However, Video Buddy forced me to link for Premium again. It was broke today as of the AM. I became a robot again to the site. Had to CAPTCHA just to log on via a PC. The apps and Video Buddy are no longer working. Seems to be hit or miss.

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Auto update for me too. Same issues. I gotta agree with others who are disappointed. It seems GB has huge issue after huge issue. When do we get stability?

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#22 Posted by TuxedoCruise (248 posts) -

I haven't turned on my Roku yet. Is there a way to disable autoupdates before the app updates itself?

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#23 Posted by phishyphishy (74 posts) -

Linking my account and restarting roku worked for me.

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I also restarted and relinked and the videos are playing so far, but the audio seems distorted sometimes. I've only really noticed it with people talking, not sure if other sources are getting distorted and I just can't tell yet. It sounds crackly sorta, and it happens for a few seconds then the audio is normal again for several seconds and repeat. I've noticed it on the Dead Cells video and the Surge GBE Playdate, and only when watching on roku (sounds fine when watching on PC). Anyone else getting this?

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#25 Posted by WarOnHugs (128 posts) -

Neither standard nor beta version will launch. Deleted restarted readded and still just a flash of a GB logo and back to the home screen.

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Mine automatically updated. Seems to work fine for me (had to restart to make premium videos work). I do hope the resume feature gets put back in though.

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#27 Posted by soulmanim3 (110 posts) -

@phishyphishy: Seconded: This took three tries for me, but worked after the 3rd linking and reboot


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#28 Posted by customotto (627 posts) -

Linking my account and restarting roku worked for me.

This worked, thanks everyone! I just had surgery last night and I want to go through all my missed GB content (or even old content since the app seems way better about that, yay!) while I recover. <3

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#29 Posted by Hiver (48 posts) -

Erm. This was pinned right? Is it considered resolved? I still cannot get the app past the loading screen.

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@hiver said:

Erm. This was pinned right? Is it considered resolved? I still cannot get the app past the loading screen.

I doubt it. Channel hasn't worked for quite a while and the beta version only showed High quality instead of HD quality for everyone as a workaround for older Roku models. I've basically given up - just using YouTube for most videos and casting from my iPad for Premium stuff and any Quick Looks I feel like I need to see in HD. Try rebooting your Roku, maybe the stars will align and it'll work?

I'll also mirror all the above - Rokus update automatically. We don't really have a choice about updating the GB channels.

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#31 Posted by RetroMetal (871 posts) -

I've only ever tried to launch the Giant Bomb app on my Roku once... over the last weekend... and it crashed immediately to the main Roku menu.

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@hiver: It may have been unpinned because Roku automatically updates the channel, so the warning wasn't super useful?

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@customotto: @retrometal: @deathtrap: @hiver: At this point I unpinned it because we have resolved the really serious issue of the app causing people to be unable to access the site. I'm going to try and nab the Roku from work and see if I can replicate the issues some of you are having, but this will take some time as I won't get back to the office until Tuesday. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime!

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#34 Posted by customotto (627 posts) -

@rorie: Thanks for the update.

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#35 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

I'm also unsure if this is all referring to the beta channel or the normal one. Having two channels makes this kind of confusing.

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#36 Posted by Hiver (48 posts) -

@rorie Since it sounds like it's working for a lot of people it seems like this might be account or device specific. I'm on a roku 4, if that helps. I'm running the main channel now, but I had the same problem with the beta channel.

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My issue is that only some videos play on my Roku app (I'm using the Roku SE that was released around the holidays). If I play a video from "Recent" or one labeled Show (i.e. "Show: Murder Island") it will load up and play. If I scroll down and try to play a video from a collection labeled Category (i.e. "Category: Premium") it starts to load, then kicks me out to the previous screen. Once that happens I can't load ANY videos until I close then reopen the app, including ones that had previously worked. It makes no sense. It also wouldn't be a biggie but some shows, such as UPF, are only available in the collections that will not load.

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#38 Posted by Hiver (48 posts) -

The app loaded last night and I was able to link my account. I might be back on the beta channel, not sure how to verify that. Hurray progress.

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Roku 3 here. The app updated and I was able to open it up. I authenticated but no videos would play. Restarted the Roku and now the app crashes on launch. Uninstalled, installed again and it still crashes. The old app was working fine for me. Doubtful anything will get done as the non-beta version hasn't even been able to launch in months.

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#40 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

For those that can get it to work, does the beta app still force High quality instead of HD?

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#41 Posted by hack1501 (44 posts) -

The videos are working now for me (roku 3) but the audio is still messed up. Since the beta started the audio is choppy. However, it's only the staff voices that are choppy, not the game audio.

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#42 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (717 posts) -

I have a cheap TCL Roku TV (1080p) and it has loaded and played fine for me. I did notice though that the Resume feature is no longer there which sucks for some of the longer videos.

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#43 Posted by mrhector (15 posts) -

Is there no Resume feature in the new app? I thought maybe mine was bugged out or something was broken. Any way to install the old Roku app?

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#44 Posted by BstnRich (51 posts) -

As of 5/29 the app immediately crashes upon boot. Not here to pile on, but just inform!

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#45 Posted by constantk (96 posts) -

My Roku 3 and Roku TV both updated automatically. I'd like to echo other users lamenting the lack of a resume feature in the new app.

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Videos play for me on my Roku stick, but the resume feature is absent.

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addendum regarding the missing resume feature that may be helpful to the programmers of the app:

If I exit a video on the middle and then go back into it, it will play from the beginning. When I then try to fast forward to where I left off, the scrub bar cursor is actually at where I left off, but it won't actually resume playing from that spot. It will only play from the beginning.

TL;DR: It seems to know where I left off but won't actually resume playing from that spot.

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#48 Posted by Rorie (5881 posts) -

We will try to get the resume feature in there but it may not happen until after E3; we'll see how easy it is.

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#49 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

Anyone know about my question? Does it still force High Quality as opposed to HD? If we're talking about the beta one, anyways - I haven't been able to get the normal app working in a long time

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#50 Posted by stingo (105 posts) -

My Roku 3 and Roku TV both updated automatically. I'd like to echo other users lamenting the lack of a resume feature in the new app.

Same device, same experience (Roku 3). Has anyone noticed spotty sound on the Roku 3? Mine seems to have pops where the audio will get a little louder for a second or two then go back to normal.