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Our fix for the Roku app has been in approval limbo at Roku for a while. In the meantime you should be able to fix it by using the beta version, here's how:

Click here! https://my.roku.com/add/HMQ2MJ

Or, add it manually like this:

Go to my.roku.com

Log into your account

Go to the "Add private or beta channel" section.

Enter the code: HMQ2MJ

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We submitted a new version of the beta app today, please make sure your channels are up to date!

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Thank you so much! I know I'm in the minority, but this is how I consumed 90% of my GB video content and the audio sync was quite annoying.

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Second the thanks!!! I also watch almost all content via the Roku, so thanks for the fix. I know it is not the biggest issue, but there are those of us who this fix will be a big deal.

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YESSSSSS this app is working perfectly!!!

Thank you!!!

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New app seems killer! Thanks for your consistent effort over the past year to listen to all of our bug reports and get this done.

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Thanks for the help! you are my jesus for this moment <slow clap>

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Greatly appreciated here too! Thank you!

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Roku's taking their sweet time approving the new channel update, aren't they? I've been using the beta channel since it was announced, but people who aren't visiting the forum regularly must be frustrated.

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Phew. So glad this is working!

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I was just coming to the forums to see what was up with the Roku app and maybe complain and found this thread on top. Added and looking forward to watching GB tonight. Thanks!

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Thank's for this fix, I also watch quite a lot of GB content via the Roku app so was very happy to see this thread.

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Hi, @wcarle,

I've been watching Giant Bomb videos through the beta Roku channel for the past couple months and it had been working great. Today when booting it up I saw it had a new layout. I really liked it! The only immediate criticism I had about it is the video's runtime was not listed in the video preview as it had been in the last channel revision.

Anyway, my post is not about that. When loading up that Roku channel, I was able to watch some videos but not premium content ones. To make sure everything was on the up-and-up, I brought up the Roku activation code in-channel and proceeded to https://www.giantbomb.com/app/roku/activate where I attempted to put the code in. Doing so gave me an error, and when I tried to generate a new code on Roku nothing seemed to happen. I figured I would restart the app, but since closing the Giant Bomb Roku channel I have been unable to open it again. I have tried turning the device off and on and also deleting/reinstalling the app. Still no luck.

If you might know how to fix the issue, I'd love to hear it!

Thanks for your time.

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Once again, the Roku app is kicking me out. The update was great for about an hour. Now I can't get in.

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Premium videos will no longer play for me since the recent update. I even re-linked my account but still will not let me.

Also was hoping the update would fix the glitchy/distorted audio, but alas it is still there.

On a positive note, really liking the new layout. Hope I get to use it soon.

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I'm also unable to play any premium videos on the Roku app, even after linking my account.

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Well, seems re-linking my account triggered a "Are you Human?" warning on my account. Was locked out of the site for a while, finally got back in, but now both the Roku app, and the Video Buddy app wont load for me at all, so guess I am locked out of those...

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Same as everyone above. The original GB roku channel still doesn't work and now the beta channel doesn't work especially after linking your account. Using a roku tv but seems like it's affecting all rokus.

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@dantez: Yep, now when I try to get on the site with my computer instead of Roku, it has me verify that I am human. What the hell is going on over there?

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Same here, with the update to the beta app I can no longer watch premium content.

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@gatorman: Same here kicked out of app immediately

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So the new app looks nice but 95% of it won't play on my Roku 3 and yes I linked my account.

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I'm having the same issue as everyone above with the Roku app, then had to confirm I was human when messing with my phone as it stopped working as I tried to re-link it. Now I can't even pull up anything on the Xbox app. I guess I also wasn't destined to watch anything tonight.

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Same as all here. Tapped the * button on the remote and it asked me to activate. Went to the site and instantly got an are you human check. This fails to an invalid request. Now the Video Buddy app is blocked. Site seems to think I'm on a VPN or bad traffic is coming through. I now have to do the captcha just to log in to the site.

Edit: Now I am blocked from using either Roku channel. Both crash to dashboard on launch now. Tried deleting, re-downloading, & rebooting.

Also, Giantbomb.com/Roku will take you to a activation page without the site thinking you're a robot. Would be interesting to see someone try, but don't lock yourself out if you don't have another way to get to the content.

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@ryudo: That happened to me initially. After I linked my account, and it still wasn't working, I went to the Roku home screen, hit the * button with the GB app highlighted, and hit close. Opened it again, and it worked. You might give that a shot.

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For @bigt@gatorman@soulmanim3 and anyone else who got the "Are you Human?" issue, and are now locked out of all apps ect, I just got a reply from support and was told there were a thousand requests from my IP address, which is crazy! I am not using a VPN ect, so must be caused by the app. Anyway, they have now lifted the block on my IP, and the site and the Video Buddy app seem to be loading fine for me now (I have not tried the Roku app yet, as scared it is going to cause the same issue again).

So if you are still locked out of anything, email support and they should lift the block for you.

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@dantez: Great info! Emailed Rorie and he looped in the Top Men.... who?



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What version of Roku is everyone using?

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@frobie: I have the Roku Streaming Stick.

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@frobie: I'm using the R2XD (I think)