Roku App Not Working? Use The Beta Version!

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#51 Posted by The_Boots (121 posts) -

Yeah. Still doesn't work. It's getting frustrating, since the Roku is how we watch 100% of our GB content...

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#52 Posted by deviationer (23 posts) -

I must have got the update or fix because it works for me now.

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#53 Posted by The_Boots (121 posts) -

It's working for us now, too. Thanks for the fix and sorry for being so grumpy!

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#54 Posted by Bacon (91 posts) -

Almost a year and the app still hasn't been published to the official Roku store...

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#55 Posted by StanleyPain (79 posts) -

Just to add to this thread, the Roku app is working fine for me last couple days, thanks for the fix/update.

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#56 Edited by Rorie (5923 posts) -

@bacon said:

Almost a year and the app still hasn't been published to the official Roku store...

We are going back and forth with Roku about some stuff before this becomes official, unfortunately. Communication with them has been a bit slow.

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#57 Posted by Bratcher_Lev (390 posts) -

Does it matter or make a difference between the roku dongle player and the builtin rokuTV app?

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#58 Posted by jeffrola (29 posts) -

Any updates here? Really missing my GB Roku app.

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#61 Posted by Rorie (5923 posts) -

@jeffrola: Are you running into issues with the beta app?

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#65 Posted by LeraA (217 posts) -


On the roku app I used to be able to see premium stuff like Unprofessional Fridays. I did have to verify by linking my roku channel with my account and putting in that code in order to be allowed to see the premium stuff.

These days, nothing premium shows up as an option to watch on roku (no UPF, no Die Another Friday, no Playdate, etc.). Is this a deliberate policy change or did I mess something up?

Thank you!

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#66 Posted by yourbrain (48 posts) -

@leraa: You might just need to re-link your premium account (with a new code). My Roku randomly forgets?/drops? my premium account link every couple of months.

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#67 Edited by LeraA (217 posts) -

@yourbrain: that was it! Thanks. I generated a new code, hooked it up on the website, and restarted the roku channel. Suddenly there's UPF and all the other stuff.

I really appreciate you taking the time to write that out. \o/

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#68 Posted by FesteringNeon (2288 posts) -

@leraa: @yourbrain: Thank you for asking and answering this! I've often thought, did they get rod of UPF?

I rarely frequent the site but watch videos using the app every night. I really started to miss the premium content, and thought maybe my membership lapsed or something, so thank you both! I'll relink again too.

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#69 Posted by ST1LL_iLL (128 posts) -

Hey guys,

So lately I haven’t been able to access the latest episodes of Playdate or Pokemonday Night Combat. I can see the previous weeks episodes, just not current eps. I unlinked, relinked, nothing. Restarted Roku, still nothing. Deleted and re-downloaded app, linked premium account, restarted Roku and still have a lock symbol on both videos.

My Roku is up to date at version 9.0.0 Build 4142. My GB app is version 2.1 build 4. Out of ideas on this one. Any help will be appreciated.

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#70 Posted by TheGrimace (7 posts) -

Im having the same issue. Account is linked but it says to link account to access this video. Major bummer since rokus are the only way i watch videos from the site. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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#71 Posted by CrazyArm (1 posts) -

Same issue as the last two posts. Account is linked but unable to access premium content. I even tried to uninstall the addon, but that didn't work either.

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#72 Posted by vioxtreme (33 posts) -

Did older videos get removed by chance?

I was attempting to finish "Playdate: MISSING: An interactive Thriller (and Subways)," but it seems to have been removed from the Roku app. I also noticed that the Until Dawn videos were also gone.

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#73 Posted by givemesnacks (19 posts) -

Is Giant Bomb interested in community help with the app? If it could be pushed to GitHub I would be happy to help enhance it.