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No disrespect to staff who put hard work into running this, but there is always something wrong with this site, it's rare like a gem, when there isn't something wrong with it, and as a member who paid in my opinion good money for the gold membership I don't like this at all. The old site worked fantastically and I could always find what I was looking for and fast.

Now I can't load anything except the main page, everything times-out while clicking, comments don't load at all etc.etc., and as mentioned this isn't a rare appearance of issues, like 1 or 2 weeks ago, videos buffered endlessly and were not watchable, except on youtube, which of course none of the premium videos are on.

Seriously it's been almost half a year you introduced this new site, time to iron out the quirks and make it stable, it's your only presence on the internet as GiantBomb and almost every weeks something breaks. I don't want to search for answers to problems on twitter, or search for videos on Twitch, don't have patience for that, especially when I paid for that shit to be on giantbomb.com.

I know I sound angry, but I'm seriously fed up with constantly running into loading issues, as mentioned above, I couldn't watch any video for nearly two weeks due to buffering issues, reason related to Akamai (personally not my problem so I don't give a shit), now the site wont load for half a day properly and everything is broken, sorry but I'm fed up.

I love all the main figgures and also the ones in the background for making this awesome site live, but as said iron it out already, I don't see competitors sites having issues like you do, it's just annoying.

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Patrick broke the story on the Xbox DRM reversal. All the websites are linking to his article

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Too many people want to read Scoop's stories.

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Patrick broke the story on the Xbox DRM reversal. All the websites are linking to his article

If this would be the only problem I had with the site, I could keep an eye shut, but as mentioned above, there's always something broken (at least for me). And as for site getting hammered (if that's what causeing all the oooops something broke and not loading at all), it's a cliche, but they could have known what to expect on a site like that, besides to mix it up a bit, they were hammering on Blizzard for the Diablo launch fiasco, this ain't no better, only the media is different.

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The Microsoft site can't keep up with the traffic either and the story was up here first.

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@fminus: The infrastructure for the site is way smaller than somthing like IGN dude. Even the biggest websites can be crashed by and overload. Hell, microsoft's own site went down when the news broke as well so ya know... don't be a dick. They are doing the best they can with what they have.

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Ya, the site got a reddit hug, not really their fault.

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I'm not a dick, read again, I'm just completely fed up, yes OK site hammered today is the icing, but I have constant problems, you miss the part where I couldn't watch any videos cause of constant buffering, and that the page doesn't load properly happens almost on a weekly basis. Excuse me, but that is something I expect from an amateur website, certainly not from them. And as mentioned before the old site had 95% less problems with the same awesome content.

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Sorry for the issues. As people have mentioned above, today was a fairly unique day for us in terms of server load. Not sure I can discuss numbers at this point, but this has a pretty good shot at being our all-time biggest traffic day. The combination of an unexpected scoop and a huge number of incoming links from Reddit, Slashdot, every other gaming website on the planet, etc. caused the site to go down for a while. We'll learn what we can from today and try not to repeat it in the future.

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@fminus: This is not the staff's fault. The servers have a maximum load. The servers got crushed. The only thing is better or/and additional servers. That costs money. Moreover it would only be for moments like this. Maybe if this happens more it will be worth upgrading.

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I have not noticed much instability (today excepted) since that first month of the redesign launching.

The video player is usually borked but that looks like a CND issue - rather than an easy fix on the site side.

Also when people start with the "I paid good money" thing, I instantly devalue whatever they say next, even if their point is fair. FYI.

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Reddit effect.

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Crap doesn't load, crap unloads.

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Reddit effect.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the main reddit link was Giantbomb. Scoops got the credit he deserved from that community at least!