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Been having a weird issue today with a few videos, but most noticeably with the most recent game tapes.

Basically, every 5 seconds or so it's throwing up the buffering circle and skipping ahead in the video by ~1 sec. This seems to happen consistently at certain points of the video (ie if I skip back to where it stuttered, the exact same stutter happens)

EDIT: Just went back to try and get a timestamp and the skips had gone? Super weird.

I've also been having an issue that may or may not be related, where videos sometimes just stop, as if the end of the video has been reached, at random moments - the timer will even say 45.xx / 50.00 or whatever. If I restart and scrub to where I was it normally picks back up without issue.

I'm using Chrome, HTML5 with quality set to auto.

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I'm having the same issue. It comes and goes on certain videos. I didn't have it at all in the latest Game Tapes, but GBEast playdate for Mario Bros. 2 was giving me problems.

Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit), HTML5 with quality on Auto.

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Getting the same issue on chrome with HTML5 player, quality set to low (reported it). Switched to progressive/low and the buffer thing stopped.

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I'm have the same problems with Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) at any quality. Streams fine for about 10-15min. Then the bandwidth goes to shit. Looking at it in chrome's task manager goes from 2.3Mb to ~200Kb. I started using Firefox and its fine.

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@saner: I have this issue as well, will try switching browsers next time.

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@beanswater: It's been working great. 1 hour into game tapes and 0 pausing HTML5 at HD.

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Same issue as well. If it starts occurring a lot, I refresh the page and it's usually ok then. Overall it still happens more often when the new Giantbomb video player came out. Also progressive doesn't appear to download anymore like the old player does. I could leave a video paused for 30 minutes and it would still stutter when I played it.

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Likewise. I wonder if it's related to ram use. I have a feeling it's more prone when my not so tip top tv computerino is tapping out of ram. Sometimes it's annoying enough to just leave and not watch anything on the site, resorting to whatever's uploaded to the Youtube channel. Kind of blows the point of subscribing.

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I'm having issues of slow video, but good audio on my Roku's. It also buffers every 15 seconds or slow.

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I have the same with WWE Network. Also on Chrome, so it could be a browser issue? I'm getting sick of Chrome lately.

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Also having a similar issue, On Firefox, using the latest build and seems random. Like in the second Beast in the East episode it was fine until around the 1 hour 50 minutes mark where it just started skipping around. Still skips even when closing Firefox and relaunching, even after a system reboot.