Spoilers are visible now.

#1 Posted by liquiddragon (3471 posts) -

This is how it looks.

#2 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

I love this.

Fix it, of course, but I love it.

#3 Posted by rocketblast0063 (324 posts) -

very funny

#4 Posted by OMGFather (1055 posts) -

Vader is Luke's father

#5 Posted by tds418 (497 posts) -

Frodo destroys the ring

#6 Posted by OurSin_360 (6186 posts) -

I noticed this a while back but forgot to post about it

#7 Edited by conmulligan (1939 posts) -

There will never be another Windjammers

#8 Posted by The_Nubster (4243 posts) -

Didn't they just recently fix the issue where spoilers were visible elsewhere? It's feeling like every fix that's done introduces another issue.

#9 Posted by Rorie (5819 posts) -

Thanks, I'll file a ticket for this.

#10 Posted by Teddie (2157 posts) -

Now it's fixed on the forums but broken in video comments. All the stuff in the most recent Mass Alex comment section is super visible.

#11 Posted by Rorie (5819 posts) -

@teddie: OK, I'll make a note of that, sorry!


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