Strange issue on Safari with iOS 12 and Chrome on iOS

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When trying to watch a video I am met with the “loading video” image while it is supposedly trying to load. However, I found that if I switch over to a different tab and come back the video instantly loads. Not sure why this would happen. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Here’s a screen cap of what’s happening.

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Yep been having this same issue lately, and even during live-streams as well

I also found that if I put the phone to sleep and wake it up the video instantly loads

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I've found if I hit pause then play again it usually just goes instantly. Still annoying but easier than changing tabs.

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I have a similar issue. I am stuck on "Loading..." when attempting to play both pre-recorded and live videos in Safari on iOS 12. However if I hold the refresh button down and hit "Request Desktop Site", the videos will load and play. I don't have this issue in Firefox on iOS.

Seaparate but related issue, I used to be able to play videos without full screening so I could watch while also seeing chat. But now I can't do that, the video pauses in the web page and I have to fill screen it for the video to play. I don't think Apple removed the functionality to play a video in the webpage as it works with other websites like the YouTube mobile site.

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Chrome and Safari on iOS both use the same Apple-mandated browser codebase, and iOS 12's version of it broke a bunch of stuff, including some really basic javascript functionality, like reversing the contents of an array. I suspect this bug on the player will get fixed when iOS 12.1 comes out.

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Hey guys. Is anyone still having this issue? I got a new iPad today running a fresh install of iOS 12.1 (no backup restore) and this is happening. The “open a new tab and close” trick works though.

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Can't watch anything on the site anymore because of this bug and switching of tabs or other tricks don't work. iPad Pro on iOS 12.

If it weren't for the inofficial app I wouldn't be able to watch asnything. Couldn't even watch the die another friday livestream.

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Same problem here.

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Same here,

New iPad Pro 2018 with the latest non-beta iOS 12.1. I can get the videos to load with the tricks mentioned in these forums (switch to another tab and back, and/or play-pause video) but I find this unacceptable for a video-site.

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+1. Same issue.

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Are people having issues with live streams on iOS 12.1 using safari just playing for a few mins then going back to start of the live stream ?