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Seems Chromecast support is broken again. Ive tried playing videos in every quality. The only one that had no issues was E3 Vlog 2018 and the Twin Mirror trailer. Everything else I've tried to watch starts to stutter halfway in. If anyone else has this problem does buying a Chromecast Ultra help?

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I'm on an OG Chromecast and saw the issue was back again when I tried to watch the Best of GB that went up this morning.

I was about to go out and get an Ultra but if it's not the Chromecast itself that's the problem I guess I'll wait.

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Yep! Same here. I'm on one of the new edition standard chromecasts I believe. E3Vlog worked but a lot of other stuff stuttered. (i.e the Vampyr Quick Look and the new Best of Giant Bomb).

Glad it's not on my end.

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I'm using a Chromecast Ultra and haven't had any stuttering issues. I rarely use it for watching GB stuff though, but I did stream the Vampyr QL through it and had no issues.

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I have all 3(?) gens of Chromecast. Ethernet connected CC Ultra: all videos run fine.

Chromecast 2 stutters on premium videos after seeking/skipping through a video, Youtube hosted GB stuff runs fine.

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@saladxaxsis: yea YouTube stuff i never had a problem with. I have the Chromecast 2 and most stuff has been stuttering for me lately. With exception of the above mentioned videos. The stuttering issue is exclusive to Giant Bomb content :(