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So, something happened and the subscriber videos seem to be cataloged in reverse chronological order now. Seems to just be the subscriber videos, and as far as I can tell I didn't click any sort of 'earliest first' button.

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It's the same with the quick-looks. I was going back through them and had the page I was last on bookmarked and they're all widely different now.

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It's funny that they're also not quite entirely reverse chronological, since the "latest" video on a per-page basis is still at the top left spot, whereas a complete reversal of the old system would mean they'd be in the lower right.

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I am having the same issue with all the different video categories. They are all going from oldest to newest.

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this should be fixed now, we rolled out a performance increase that worked by removing all orderby's :) (not really, but kind of close!)

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Fixed! I am a happy camper now.