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Two issues:

1) When I try to play 1080p videos, it simply pops up an error message "error playing file." 720p videos play fine.

2) Subscriber videos don't show up anymore. In the subscriber list, the last video shown is Bradley May Cry part 2.

Let me know if you need any more info...

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@warmonked: Wait, there are 1080p Giant Bomb videos? I thought they maxed at 720p or a low-end 1080p.

That aside, I hope your problems can get worked out by the technical staff! :)

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I thought it was 360/480/720

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I thought it was 360/480/720

Yeah, that's the impression I was under, as well. I hope they upgrade to 1080p now that next gen is coming around and most games will be 1080, but right now, I think the max is 720p. (not that it necessarily answers this man's question)

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??? I'm pretty sure there was always an option in Plex to play 1080p... But maybe it was mislabeled and was actually playing 720p?

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You'll be upscaling them somehow, or the playback option is mislabeled. The highest resolution videos on Giant Bomb are 720p, and they recently (this year?) went up to 4mbps for video bit rate (from the 3.5mbps they used for years before that). I did see that P-Dawg encoded his latest spooooky vidz at 5mbps, which was nice.

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I have the same problem, i found this http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/69685-channel-quality-multiple-bitrates-per-episode/?hl=giantbomb#entry402797 which characterises the stream plex offers under the label 1080p as 2.4mbps stream in the giant bomb channel.

Comparing the the 720p stream in plex side by side with the "HD" stream offered directly through the webpage there is major difference in fidelity.

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I Just checked and I have entirely the same problem, new subscriber videos won't show up in the subscriber section in the plex channel, just up until brad may cry part 2

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Seems that the link code gets lost after you watch a video. I have to go in each time and make a new link code for t to work. Will have to submit that to get fixed ...