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Not sure if this is worth addressing, but it bugs me: When I save links from Giant Bomb on Pocket (a read it later service), the headline is always incorrect. For instance, I saved Alex's review of "Beyond" to read later, but it shows up as "Pokemon X/Y" for some reason. There's no rhyme or reason to it, it always happens whether saved from the browser, a link on Twitter via the mobile API, or elsewhere.

This tends to bust up my workflow for reading longer content on Giant Bomb–I don't use the service to skirt ads or design, but just to keep a log of what I need to read on the bus.

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@markonfire: Hmm, I haven't noticed that as I don't personally use Pocket myself. Let me try it with Send to Kindle to see if it's something that's happening with that service as well.

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@rorie: I actually have this issue too, though it's not on every piece of content. I believe it's only happened to videos for me, and, unfortunately, some videos are fine. I have an example of one that seems to be broken if it will help.

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@markonfire: Interesting. I just tried it and I can't replicate your issue. All of my titles are correct. Are you using pocket from the chrome plugin, or from mobile, or?

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I have this issue too. When it does happen It usually grabs a title from a recent video, so maybe it is not finding the page title right away and just scrapes some text from the popular video section. I always assumed it was just something on Pocket's end, not Giantbomb's.