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I don't know if this is a bug (as i have seen it in other video players), but it annoys me that if I try to skip to a specific point in a video, let's use 25.00 as an example, the video sometimes skip to 24.45 or 25.10 (or something like that). It's like there are predetermined points in a video where I can skip to, which seems strange.

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I have noticed that too, it can become an issue with longer videos where the time between those points gets bigger

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This is INFURIATING. If I miss something someone said I can't just skip back to where I click (like the old player, or other players like YouTube's) but instead I have to skip forward or back to specific points that can be like a minute apart in really long videos.


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Goddamn hate it. I kept trying to hit 13:30 in the Sleeping Dogs quicklook for the part where the car flips out, but could NEVER hit and kept having to watch 30 seconds before it got up to that part.