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Wanted to watch some old Quicklooks, but nothing is loading. Watched UPF earlier today with no problem, but now I can't seem to download or watch anything at all!


Chrome on Win7 64, cable internet that's loading youtube just fine.

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Yeah same for me any video I load up just sits there i don't get the embedded video player to pop up at all for anything on the site atm.

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Yep, seems to be that way. Can't download them either, as a Premium member. Clicking the button just doesn't pop-up anything.

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@wemibelec90: @prizner: @konrad: We had a little issue but things should be working now. Send me a URL if you're still seeing this issue.

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I have this problem today, upon loading any video (including the current E3 livestream), the player shows 3 segments of the loading bar and does nothing else.

Chrome, Win8, cable. Just tried with Firefox too, same issue.