Unsolicited "Test Submit" email

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I just got an email from "Giant Bomb Crew <GBoptin@outbound.giantbomb.com>" with subject "Test Submit" containing:

To unsubscribe from this newsletter, click here <http://outbound.giantbomb.com/public/unsubscribe_test.jsp?gid=...>.

IDs snipped out by me. Did someone accidentally run a test on a live email database instead of a test one?

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#2 Posted by Jeremyjenk (1 posts) -

I received one too, it must have been a mistake. I checked the header routing and they both come from the same IP.

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#3 Posted by nutter (2284 posts) -

Got it as well. I usually get the GB crew newsletter.

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#5 Posted by YapaPanda (232 posts) -

Me too but weird thing is I don't subscribe to the newsletter.

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I received a "test submit" email with the same details too. Today at 07:49UTC.

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dont at me motherfuckers

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#8 Posted by TanookiSuit (722 posts) -

Got this as well. I do subscribe to the newsletter. Assuming it was just an error and moving on with life :)

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#9 Posted by Rorie (5867 posts) -

We are looking into the cause of this. Sorry for the trouble.

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Hey, it looks like this was an error on our email processor's part - they are building a more customized unsubscribe landing page for the newsletter that theoretically would make the unsubscription process a bit more pleasant for people trying to unsubscribe from the newsletter and as part of that testing accidentally sent out a test message to the wrong group of email addresses. This isn't a security issue, fortunately; just a mistake. We certainly don't want to send you anything that you're not subscribed for, so we apologize for the trouble!