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I've been annoyed by the times always showing as some weird non local format. Could you please format the time according to the browsers local time. For example for 24 hour clocks where appropriate.

Should be simple to do nowadays with a good library or just the standard Date class in JS.


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They typically are set to your local time. What browser are you using? Ad blockers might also effect it.

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@finaldasa: I don't believe this to be an adblocker issue.

For example one upcoming time gets displayed as:

9:00 PM CEST

This is the correct time for my time zone. But it should not be displayed this way for me living in Sweden. Now the browsers all take care of this nowadays and knows wether we should display 12 hour or 24 hour clock. It would be preferable for me to display the above time like this:

21:00 CEST

If it's always in local time then we can get rid of the CEST denominator as well and only show it in the tooltip:


(I am a professional developer and I've tested printing out times with the browser I'm using, Firefox 67, and it does indeed correctly says that we should use 24 hour clock)

Do you see where I'm coming from?

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Ahhhh okay, I thought you meant it was displaying the time incorrectly and for a different time zone altogether.

This may just be an issue of it being an American website and that's how we display time.

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Yes. That's why I'm writing here since this should be an easy fix :)

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I will see if someone can look into this.

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Great! Thanks Rorie!