Updating Gender and City on User Profiles

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I recently updated my user profile, but on the "About Me" page, it shows my city as null and my gender as "N/a". I don't see an option on the settings page to update these fields.

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@hiredn00bs: These should be in your Settings if you hover over your avatar and click that in the drop-down:

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Thanks for the reply, @rorie. None of those fields are listed on my settings page.

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My profile also does not have that area.

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I went to look out of curiosity, and I also have no fields for that information, the tab for 'About Me' lists the information as blank or N/A and it has the message "This user does not want to tell us anything about themselves :(" but no way to fill in the information. If there's another place to input that info or lift some kind of restriction on it, I can't find it either.

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@rorie I added the callout to you in my last post in edit, so I'm not sure if you got the notification. It seems like others have the same issue with these fields not displayed in settings.

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Hunh that's funny, those options are no longer available on mine either.

Using lastest version of Chrome fwiw.

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I've never seen those options before in my life...

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I can confirm that I have no gender option on my settings page even though I have it set on my about me page. Using Firefox 61.0.1.

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It looks like this was removed because GDPR deems it as "protected data." Only staff members have the fields at the moment but I imagine we'll probably remove those at some point in the future.