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Very minor issue but I was trying to find an old Tweet by Alexis and typing his name into the search wasn't giving me the autoresults I wanted so I tried to just go to the Staff page but every time I click Staff it takes me to the regular users page sorted by Wiki points if I remember correctly.

It must be a simple linking issue so I guess in your spare time you can fix that up.

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I know it probably sounds crazy, but I know for a fact that this isn't a bug. It was done intentionally for security purposes. Eventually, that Staff link will probably be removed entirely.

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I remember Jeff talking about it. It was done because they didn't want to give people a targeted list of accounts to try to hack that have administrative privileges

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Well thanks for clearing that up. I clearly remember being able to quickly get to all their accounts to send Jeff a PM or see what crazy pics they've uploaded by going to the Staff tab. Kinda weird but makes sense.