Using the Carousel to switch videos can make tabs/pages change name/title.

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Just noticed this odd bugg when watching the RE4 playdates, suddenly i lost my tab somehow (i tend to have a lot of them open). I managed to figure out how to reproduce the problem so I recorded a gif of it, here it is:

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  1. I I was on this video page:
  2. Clicked on the Mistery video at the bottom.
  3. Clicked on the playdate video page I was just on previously. This changes the title of the video, the Playdate: goes away. (the - Giant Bomb part also goes away) It just becomes the date (because that video is missing the Resident evil 4 part, probably not due to a bug) This made it a bit confusing to remember what tab i was on.
  4. Then I refreshed the page and the correct title of the page showed up again.

This is me using the latest Firefox 71.0 (64-bit) on a new profile with no addons or changed settings on Windows 10.

PS: Some of the RE4 playdate videos should maybe be renamed, they are missing the name of the game.

PPS: Related stuff. The title for the video on the site has "playdate" but the Carousel is missing that part. Also it's missing if you post video links on twitter or discord.