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While working on stats for GBI I've ran into several problems with show names. Here's a list of them. I know that there's still work being done on assigning videos to shows and breaking out existing videos into their own shows, but some of the issues listed here have been around for some time now.

Visual Issues and Ambiguity:

Repeated Show Names:

  • "Mario Party Party: Mario Party Party" (the first one) - guid 2300-9281
  • "Unfinished: Unfinished: Ruction: The Golden Tablet 02/08/2017" - guid 2300-11863
  • "Game of the Year: Game of the Year 20XX: <The Title>" - All GOTY videos assigned to the GOTY show (note that not all videos have been assigned) from before 2016
  • "Spelunkin' With Scoops: Spelunkin' With Scoops: XX/XX/201X" - All "spelunkin' with..." videos
  • "Mailbag: Mailbag: <Mailbag title>" - all mailbag videos have had 'mailbag' added at the start of the title. Examples: "Mailbag: Mailbag: Custom Job" : guid 2300-13460, "Mailbag: Giant Bomb Mailbag: Dark Knight Fizzes Edition" : 2300-6236, "Mailbag: GBE Mailbag: Whoopie Pies, Tamagotchi's That Won't Die, and a Big Alex Surprise" : 2300-12473
  • "Bombin' the A.M. With Scoops and the Wolf!: Bombin' the A.M. With Scoops and the Wolf: <the date>" - affects all episodes which did not contain an exclamation point in the title (example: guid 2300-9691)
  • "Blue Bombin': Blue Bombin’: Mega Man ..." - affects specific episodes: Mega Man 2 (guid: 2300-11793), Mega Man 3 parts 1, 2, and 3 (guid: 2300-11831, 2300-11845, 2300-11855), Mega Man 4 part 3 (guid: 2300-11913)
  • "Quick Look: Quick Looks: The Three Video Games Advertised During The Super Bowl" - guid 2300-9964
  • "Quick Look: Quick Look: NXE Update!" - guid 2300-1129 NOTE: I'm fairly sure that this is because the video's original name started with a space, which was interpreted as a custom name in your conversion process
  • "Giant Bombcast: Giant Bombcast 559" - guid 2300-8635
  • "Kerbal: Project B.E.A.S.T: Project B.E.A.S.T Watches Project B.E.A.S.T - Scott Manley Edition" - guid 2300-11101 - to be honest, this one kinda fits
  • "Quick Look: GBNYCQLS:FTL:AE" - guid 2300-8766 - at least shorten it to QL, lol
  • "This Ain't No Game: Wonderful Universe of TANG: <movie name>" and "This Ain't No Game: TANG: <movie name>" - affects all videos in the series after FEB 26 2009

Other Issues