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This happens on both Firefox and Chrome. Any help?

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Its only giant bomb videos? No other flash based video players do this ?

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Just GiantBomb videos that I have noticed. I can watch the same quicklooks on Youtube (or even using the Youtube embed on the site) perfectly fine without this issue, but the GB player itself on any quality and any browser causes this.

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which option are you using to watch the videos?

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You have a very high number of processes running (almost 100), even with both Firefox (with several tabs open including a giant bomb video) and chromium (with 4 tabs open, chromium is the open-source base that Chrome is built from) I have 74 processes running and 4.0 GB memory currently used out of the 8 GB on my laptop. I would be curious to see the commit charge on your system which is on the same screen of your screen-cap but cut off below. Commit charge is your "real" memory usage, which combines usage of virtual memory (which is used when your physical memory is almost all used) and physical memory.

I've tested and could not produce a memory leak/spike on my end..

Do you have any video capturing plugins/extension enabled?

Also try disabling any extensions to see if the memory spike still occurs, if doesn't still happen, do some process of elimination to finding the guility addon causing the issue.

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i have the same problem. my used physical memory usually hovers around 10-12% but quickly climbs to 70% when i'm watching a video on giant bomb. 70% of 8gb... i'll have to try it later with add-ons disabled. at least it's not just a waterfox problem.

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Also keep in mind that our video bitrates are actually higher than Youtube. If you are using the HTML5 video player... this would be mostly a browser issue as we simply use the native video tag and slap some custom controls on it. I really think its the bitrate but I am sure there are always optimizations that could be had on the player itself.