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There's a new 'Giant Bomb is now fullscreen' thing when you switch videos to fullscreen through flash 11.6.602.168 (Firefox). It's possibly the worst case of a totally pointless warning I've seen since the User Account Control prompt. That one's just a minor gripe, but I can't imagine the site gurus thinking it's helpful. A worse problem is that clicking a video pauses it, but does not unpause it - for that you need to use the controls. That's far from ideal, especially if you use a TV as your secondary monitor.

The new site video player is a lot better in some ways. I've really missed the ability to skip forty minutes or so into a video.

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I think the warning is standard and not a GB specific thing. As for the full screen for me (Chrome) I can click and it unpauses as well.

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The fullscreen warning is a browser item. Although annoying in this type of use case, it protects you from evil. For example and nefarious site might fullscreen a fake blue screen or a fake login screen. Warning you that you are going into fullscreen is the browser's way of stemming off such.