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So I don't use the video player often because I normally download subscriber stuff and watch quick looks using the YouTube player but the video player isn't working for me, both HTML 5 and Flash hitch up after I hit play:


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As I say, I don't use the player often enough to know if this is just a problem because of E3 or if it's been like this for a while for me, any advice would be helpful!

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Exactly the same problem here. It didn't work yesterday, but worked this morning. Now it doesn't work again.

EDIT: I just tried again and it worked. I'm beginning to wonder whether its load-related or ISP related.

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For me videos stop after 5 seconds, all of them. Then I have to wait forever and it suddenly starts playing really smooth. Almost as if it preloads the entire thing at 5 seconds

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The videos arwnt even sbowing up anymore for android chrome.