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Hi? have not seen any posts on this issue so might be something weird on my end.

All videos on the site is just a black screen but the sound works just fine

got the newest version of chrome and flash and have no problem playing videos on other sites.

thanks and keep up the good work the site looks great :)

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What OS?

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I'm getting this on Chrome 25.0, Windows 7. Changing the video mode to HTML5 seems to work (or youtube, if available).

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@alexisg WinVista32 here. I get black screen, but full audio. Can't go with streaming or progressive(or anything else for that matter) at any resolution. Any help is appreciated. Running Chrome Version 25.0.1364.84 beta-m. Thanks, duder.

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@maaskeikke: are you using a beta/developer version of Chrome?

@jayzilla: In general it is really hard for us to keep on top of the beta browsers. They change too frequently. We have to wait till they at least get to release candidate. If you are having trouble with the stable release channel then we will most definitely look into it.

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@alexisg: its Version 25.0.1364.84 beta-m, seems like that might be the problem, what version would you recommend ?