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@rorie: Just tried Giant Bomb Video Buddy. Received the error message. The app has not seen an update since 2016. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I started seeing the error messages on my device when Android updated to the latest security patch on 8.1. It may be beneficial to pass this info along to the Video Bomb people. The videos in the mobile chrome app work just fine, so I'll stick with that for now. Thanks!

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I’m having the audio on videos loop back 5 seconds randomly in videos on iOS and MacOS; it will only happen once in the video but once it’s happened, refreshing the page and starting the video again seems to be the solution however temporary it may be. I’m using Safari on both operating systems. I do not encounter this problem on Windows 10 in Chrome.

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I’m having issues with all videos I’m trying to watch through Apple TV’s AirPlay. The videos either cut out after about 7 minutes or the audio gets delayed meaning the video is out of sync. I do have an old Apple TV so I guess that could be why but the issues seem to have gotten worse around the time GDPR came in.

Edit: I started using the Video Buddy app and those are streaming fine so I guess it's not my apple TV, It could be the web browser apps on iphone though. I tried through Chrome and Safari but they were both the same.

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When streaming to Chromecast, newer videos (subscriber and free) will begin to stutter after a minute. Older videos, however, run fine.

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Just hooked up a new Roku. Giant Bomb app auto installed from my account from the last time i used one (2 years ago).

Giant Bomb app will not open. Shows the load screen and then right back to home every time. tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but this does not help. All Giant Bomb features work fine on computers, and other devices.

Can stream videos through plex channel on the Roku but the infinite stream will not open, which is the primary reason I purchased the Roku in the first place.

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@rorie: Thanks for the update. That would really be appreciated. I actually came in just now to check because I tried to watch the Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight trailer that just went up and I got as far as the Playstation noise 2 seconds in before it stopped. It's kind of nuts how bad it is at times. I realize it's out of GB's hands directly, so sorry for reposting about this from time to time, but I suppose someone has to or no one would even know this was ongoing.

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@raveapex: have you tried the beta app?


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@rorie: Just installed it a moment ago and it seems to be working however this interface... is interesting.

I notice no option for Giant Bomb Infinite in this beta app. Id be fine getting used to this interface if I could load up Infinite but it seems its not an option unless im missing something here.

Primary reason i went out and bought a new Roku (expensive one) was that the Plex plugin for Giant Bomb shows Infinite but never loads it.

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@raveapex: Not familiars with Roku, but can they stream Twitch? If so you might be able to just subscribe to the channel. The beta app was made well before Infinite was a thing; I'm not sure when we'll be able to add it to Roku but hopefully it can be done at some point.

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@rorie: I will look into that. Thanx Rorie. If ya have sway over app development please let the know its greatly wanted. For now ill have to setting for rewatching Mario Party Party in my fancy new GB Jersey that just showed up.

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@rorie I tagged you in my comment but figured I should put it here too. The "E3 2018: Generation Zero Asks What If Robots Invaded 1980s Sweden" video has a weird issue for me. I'm on Chrome and the video throws a message saying my device can't keep up while the video plays super fast and the audio plays at normal speed. By the quarter mark, it's just a black screen and audio. I'm going to try and force update Chrome as I think I'm a version behind but I feel that shouldn't be the issue?

For note, I currently have 20 free CPU threads with no utilization and over 18GB of free RAM so I don't think my hardware is an issue?

EDIT: To note, this is the only video that has this issue that I've seen.

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@firrae: Hmm, I can't replicate that myself here, but I'll see if I can look into it.

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@rorie: Yea, I'm hoping it's just a one-off issue an update will fix but I'll follow up once I'm finished this huge upload I've been waiting on.

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@rorie: Looks like it was an update issue? After updating it works fine. I love these weird "Chrome has an update so it now acts weird" issues :/

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Trying to stream the live stuff going on today on my Chromecast, which is using a wired ethernet connection. When I cast the video on the giantbomb.com/chat page to Chromecast using the icon in the video (either from my phone or from my desktop, which is also wired), video starts stuttering after about a minute. When I cast using the chrome "Cast tab" feature on my desktop and full screen the video, it works fine.

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Roku: All the trailers are kicking the conferences off the recent video section, and since features archive isn't accessible on the app the Microsoft conference is already gone.

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Every time I try to watch the archive of the EA E3 2018 conference, the video is the microsoft press conference. Also, for some reason only progressive works and not HTML5. Strange as I was watching the EA archive yesterday.

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I’ve been having an issue over the last couple of weeks now, where when I try and watch streaming videos (but not live ones) on the iPad, at some point (but normally quite early on) the audio will rewind back 3-4 seconds but the video will play on as per normal, making everything out of sync.

Happened on 2 different devices, so fairly sure it’s not that.

When I use the download option and play it in the browser that way, everything is fine.

Also, super minor thing that I reported when Alexis was still here, but thumbnails still don’t display on a videopage, just a black box with the play image.

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@rorie I've been having the same issue as Glees0rz above where the audio track on videos randomly goes back five seconds, rendering the rest of the video out of sync. This is happening on Chrome on Windows 8 and iOS.

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For some reason giant bomb at Nite live from E3 2018 night 3 is still showing locked on my Roku 3. Yes it is linked and every other video is fine. When I click on the video it says link your premium account to access this video. Once again my account is linked. I can watch all other videos fine.

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The most major issue with the GB player (HTML5, not youtube or Progressive) I've been running into is twofold:

1. upon continuing play in "fill browser" mode, I've been getting complete and total connection drop, error page, and I'll have to go back a page. In addition, position does not get saved. This happened mostly when watching the E3 2018 GB Nite archived videos.

2. A more annoying issue that has happened on every video I've watched: The player will consistently glitch in audio. The video will be playing, but audio will immediately rewind itself by about 5 secs or so, but video will continue. It sometimes gets resolved by the player a couple seconds later, where audio will re-skip back to normal, and continue, only to skip forward in the same fashion again a little bit later. Not sure if this is maybe triggered by buffering or not, but it's definitely consistent every time I watch Premium content.

My browser: Chrome, latest
My OS: W10, Home Ed.

Let me know if you also need specific hardware specs or anything :)