Video problems (including Roku/Chromecast/etc)? Get in here!

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I've had playback issues since the player update too. The site used to work fine for me but now I very frequently experience videos not loading after hitting play or when they do having playback stop frequently to buffer when it really shouldn't do based on my connection. I've tried this on several different connections, mobile and fibre, chrome and firefox and I have the same issue. I'm wondering if it's region specific & related to the CDN you're using since I don't see that many people complaining about what is a pretty poor experience?

When I look at the browser console there's a request that is continually returning an error, if a dev wants to message me I'm happy to send logs.

Edit: The blocked requests were actually related to network level adblocking I have which is blocking what I assume is your video analytics, it's blocking requests to the following domains: & Can anyone tell me if you'd expect that to affect video playback? It could just be coincidence but when I notice that the video is playing back correctly it seems to be doing less calls to these domains, I didn't whitelist those domains it just seems like when they're being called less frequently playback is good.

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Hi all,

I have had this issue for a while now, but am only just reporting it now (my bad).

I am on a chrome device with windows 10 64-bit, and the issue is where videos may take a few refreshes before they actually load. Often the spinner will spin for HOURS with no loading, and it can take a few refreshes before I get it to finally load.

While I'm here, autoplay seems very broken? Most of the time (despite having it enabled in my account) it doesn't happen when I'd like it to, I've had some success by adding ?autoplay=1 to the video link, but also just now with Crime Crew latest episode it did the transition automatically without me needing to add the argument.


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Found something interesting in the chrome console,

[18:00:45 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time).296] [ERROR] [MediaHeartbeat] API call trackPlay is unsupported in the current state.

Does that mean anything?