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#101 Posted by TheMaxDaddy (14 posts) -

html 5 streaming isnt working for my lg smart tv for a couple of days. live bombcast stream worked Tuesday . now quick looks wont work on html5, no premium live streams either. was working very well since new player removed need for flash.

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#102 Posted by xenolon (136 posts) -

In Safari, the loading indicator never goes away. As long as the video is playing, the circle loops around and around over the video. Happens in HTML5 and Progressive mode.

macOS 10.12.3, Safari 10.0.3, 1Gbps internet connection. Tested and reproducible on several different machines. The issue is not present on Mobile Safari.

Here's a screen capture of the issue:

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#103 Edited by Inresurrection (277 posts) -

Yeah, HTML5 still ain't working on PS4. Just getting that looping circle forever and it's been a few days since it's stopped working.

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#104 Posted by milehigh17 (21 posts) -

Umm, well here's an update. This morning, on the PS4, videos using the "Progressive" setting seem to auto resume and allow skipping around the video. This is the functionality I've been looking for I guess? Seems like plenty are still having issues, but those who gave up on the Progressive setting on the PS4 because of this might give it a try.

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#105 Posted by Ryudo (77 posts) -

Guess Roku will never be fixe dmaking me wonder why I am paying anything. Not watched a video in a month if not longer now.

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#106 Posted by Azraelephant (27 posts) -

Still noticing audio sync issues on a number of videos (Roku app, V. 1.5.1).

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#107 Edited by grumbles (14 posts) -

Hey, I dunno if this is too niche but here's an issue that's popped up in the last week or so for me. When watching a video in the WiiU web browser the audio has this weird distorted reverb. It's happens in both auto and progressive.

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#109 Posted by SteveV (217 posts) -

Im on the PS4 and the new player worked just fine (i could even watch premium livestreams again), until about last week, the html5 stoppes working, just perpertual loading symbol, and when I switch to progressive, the audio stutters and goes out of sync. So I really cant watch premium content on my TV anymore.

This needs a really quick fix.

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#110 Posted by MikeRD (76 posts) -

Watching videos on PS4 as a non-subscriber - the ads work at least. After the ad is finished, it will then replay the same ad in full before the play button reappears, but the player mercifully won't play that Imagine Dragons song in the Switch ad for a third consecutive time, and instead only results in a black screen.

This is probably known (or at least earlier posts in this thread would suggest so), but since I had been resorting to Youtube lately, I figured I'd check the forums once I realized this week's bombcast wasn't up there, and I kept getting ads without the video on Giant Bomb regardless of quality setting.

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#111 Posted by reacean (8 posts) -

I've had incredible difficulty lately streaming or downloading anything from the site. While livestreams seem fine, any video feature stream or download, on HTML5 or Progressive just do not seem to play. Even downloading the file (such as for Beast in The East Ep 6) I'm only getting 100-200kb/s, compared to steam that can get 12mb/s on my connection. Switching quality settings doesn't seem to alleviate the issue. This occurs on the latest Chrome, Firefox, and IE, on multiple computers/devices.

I assume this is an issue with the CDN for the Chicago/midwest, so my IP is:

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#112 Edited by fireworksordie (5 posts) -

@reacean: I've had the exact same problems, also in Chicago. Not even livestreams are OK for me anymore - tons of buffering on my main PC (ethernet), my Shield TV (ethernet), and my Xbox One (ethernet). I have a 300Mb/s connection from Comcast, so I hardly ever have streaming problems anywhere else. It seems like it's gotten progressively worse, but no matter what it's been a huge pain to enjoy premium content for the past month or so. I'm more than happy to do any kind of troubleshooting necessary to help.

My IP is:

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#114 Posted by xombi242 (220 posts) -

None of the HTML 5 streams work anymore on my PS4 console since the latest firmware update. Is this a thing that the site can work around? There's just a loading ring and nothing to watch. I think Sony pretty much just crippled my Giant Bomb experience and now I'm just throwing money into the wind.

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#115 Posted by ninnyjams (114 posts) -

Any updates on the Chromecast 2 issues? For awhile now all videos played through the site have random audio stuttering/skipping a couple times every minute. This is regardless of Internet speed, router location, Chromecast location, video quality, video type, browser casting from, device casting from, etc. YouTube, local video, Twitch, etc all cast without issues on my network. Only Giant Bomb that has this issue.

This is the same issue observed in this thread by several users.

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#116 Edited by The_T (13 posts) -

Something I just noticed while watching an old shitty Spookin with Scoops, the new video player does not handle 4:3 videos correctly. Is this the only video affected? Probably! Still, worth fixing?