Video Show Classification

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Can a video be classified into more than one show? For example, Holiday Specialtacular: Mario Party Party 11 is understandably classified under Game of the Year, but I think it would be good if it were also under Mario Party Party.

Speaking of video classification, I found several that were classified into the wrong season. They're all Game of the Year stuff that was uploaded the following year, so probably some automated scripting issue that didn't consider that possibility. The latest example of this is Game of the Year 2015: Day Five Recap is under Season 2016 instead of Season 2015, but there are many more so it would be better if someone just went through that show manually.

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@kamasamak: Thanks for the heads up; I'll see if that's possible. I think we'll need to go through the old GOTY stuff at some point and make sure most of it is functional.