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Any arrangement of query string variables seems to return the same 500 error. This problem affects the Giant Bomb Video Buddy, among other things (including my python script that gets the latest GB original content).

I understand that you are understaffed at the moment, but this is not a problem I have seen reported, yet, so I wanted to make you aware in case you weren't already. If you were already aware, then please let me know if there's anything I can do to help or test further.

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Out of curiosity, try actually specifying some of the default query params. For example:


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The 500 error has been resolved, but the returned results are not as expected. In the following request, I'd expect to see the latest 100 videos from the Subscriber category, but the latest one is Welcome Back Tricaster Party! - Part 02; brings back some memories!


This is also affecting the Giant Bomb Video Buddy, which is showing old videos in the Recent feed.

The ordering seems to be descending, at least, but only starting from the oldest, until the end of the request, rather than selecting the newest first. To put it another way, the results are being returned as a slice at the old-end of the full result set, rather than the new-end. You can provide an offset in order to get to the newest videos, but that seems counter-intuitive, and would require two requests to be made in order to achieve the old behavior: one to know the full size of the result set, and another to use an offset against that size.


It would seem you now need to use offset instead of page, which is how I previously got to the end of the result set. So instead of


We need to use


So I suppose it could either be made to work as it did previously, and save Giant Bomb Video Buddy from having to be updated, or we're going to have to wait for a full update release on the Apple Store to fix it.