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#1 Posted by holycrapitsadam (683 posts) -

I don't know if anyone else is having this issue but whenever I watch videos on the site, very randomly it will replay the last 5 seconds or so of the video over and over and over and over again. It eventually stops and continues playing as normal but then it happens again a couple minutes later.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It happens on iphone using iOS11 and on safari and chrome

#2 Edited by corykyrk (2 posts) -

Yep, same here. Using Safari on iPad running iOS11. I assumed it was an iOS issue because it didn't start happening to me until after I updated.

#3 Posted by holycrapitsadam (683 posts) -

@corykyrk: yeah it happens on my iPad as well. I too assumed it was an iOS11 issue but I'm not sure

#4 Posted by taosd (11 posts) -

Yep. Here as well. Ever since iOS 11 came out. Also annoyingly, Video Buddy no longer seems to properly authenticate for premium videos since iOS 11 came out, so I'm forced to use the websites player. (not sure that would fix it necessarily, but at least another option). Also happens in Chrome on iOS 11.

#5 Posted by AndyC80 (45 posts) -

Yea it’s an ios11 thing

#6 Edited by holycrapitsadam (683 posts) -

Well hopefully they are aware of the issue and working on a fix

#7 Posted by Rorie (5036 posts) -

I hadn't heard of this one yet; ios11 came out recently, correct? I can't test this myself but I'll see if an engineer can look into this.

#8 Edited by madman356647 (826 posts) -

I was having similar behavior if I came to the site on my Android Tablet or Phone (refreshing the page seemed to catch it back up). I wonder if it's a mobile video thing?

#9 Posted by Zinther (4 posts) -

yeah seems to be an iOS11 Safari based issue with the GB player. If you select the Download link and select any of the qualities you will no longer have the rewinding issue.

#10 Posted by Nev (750 posts) -

I've been having the same issue on my iPad since the update. Using Chrome. Some of the random things being repeated are pretty comical, granted, but yeah it's made watching content on my iPad pretty hard to deal with.

#11 Posted by holycrapitsadam (683 posts) -

@rorie: Thanks Rorie, and yeah, iOS11 came out fairly recently. Like a week or two ago

#12 Posted by psyguy411 (4 posts) -

Does anyone know if there has been a fix for this, or something we can do on our end? I basically have to watch non-premium stuff on YouTube and just endure it when I want to watch premium content. Made an one hour Exquisite Corps episode last two hours for me, today.

#13 Posted by ottoman673 (1202 posts) -

also happening for me on iOS11. Same circumstances. I took a screen recording of it happening during last week's UPF, if any of you would like to see it. (iOS screen recordings do not capture audio)

#14 Posted by Rorie (5036 posts) -

Does anyone know if there has been a fix for this, or something we can do on our end? I basically have to watch non-premium stuff on YouTube and just endure it when I want to watch premium content. Made an one hour Exquisite Corps episode last two hours for me, today.

Engineering's aware but I don't have an ETA on a fix. You may want to consider downloading the files in the meantime. Sorry!

#15 Edited by mrfluke (6015 posts) -

Yep just chiming in to say I’ve been having this issue as well,

Running IOS 11 on a iPhone 7 Plus, and if it helps this has only happened when I’m watching videos on my cellular data internet rather than WiFi internet

#16 Posted by Ecosse (13 posts) -

Getting the same issues on a iPhone 6S Plus on iOS11 with Chrome.

Also, on the Destiny raid videos, if I pause and come back to them a few times, then the continue function doesn't work. That has been quite intermittent though.

#17 Posted by ottoman673 (1202 posts) -

Has there been any follow-up or update on this? Premium video is still unwatchable with this bug and this is my primary way to consume Giant Bomb Content...

#18 Posted by EvilCalvin (124 posts) -

I have an older phone and isn't updated even close to ios 11 and when I try to play videos it keeps replaying 5 seconds of so for a while. My newer Amazon Fire does the same thing. Lots of buffering as well if it ever does run. I now just go to YouTube and the videos run fine there. It's the GB player. It sucks.

#19 Posted by sparkysanxion (173 posts) -

Same here, ipad on iOS 11.

Also, when playing videos not full screen, the while loading wheel is always there.

#20 Posted by Rorie (5036 posts) -

Has anyone tried this on videos with the player on GameSpot? @wcarle has said that we're not serving up videos to iOS in any different way than we are any other operating system, so we're not entirely sure there's much we can do on our side of things. I'll double-check with him to see if there's any more progress when he's back in the office next week, though.

#21 Edited by MetaGhost (6 posts) -

Also having this problem, safari on iOS11, it started around the time I updated to 11.

I just watched a 7 minute and 14 minute video on gamespot without this bug popping up.

#22 Posted by DrFlapjack (367 posts) -

This has happened to me on mobile (Galaxy S8).

#23 Edited by sqrabbit (177 posts) -

@sparkysanxion said:

Same here, ipad on iOS 11.

Also, when playing videos not full screen, the while loading wheel is always there.

Same here - didn't have issues with new player until updating to IOS 11. I used to be able to stop the rewinding issue by not putting the videos in full screen. Now it rewinds any way I attempt to view it. The only way I can view Giantbomb content now is using Youtube IOS app or Chrome on PC.

#24 Edited by jmotta (3 posts) -

Same here. Please fix this!

#25 Posted by J_Milez (23 posts) -

@rorie: In an attempt to be helpful I went to GS and tried watching 3 videos there, but they all just displayed “Loading Video...” for > 5 minutes and I never got to see any of them. I tried completely clearing Safari’s cache and history, logged back in, no luck. Still can’t even get GS’s videos to load, and GB videos start repeating after < 5 minutes.

#26 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (647 posts) -

Same thing here after a recent beta update to ios11. It was so bad I couldn’t watch anything.

#27 Posted by brofaux (30 posts) -

Seems like it’s gotten worse in the last week or so. It was tolerable initially, but now it’s so frequent the videos are practically unwatchable.

#28 Edited by NEPatriot (9 posts) -

Same here. Trying to watch anything now on the site is pretty much unwatchable. Videos aren’t resuming and they will constantly repeat in spots.

#29 Posted by YummyTreeSap (1160 posts) -

Definitely also getting this issue on iOS, but I'm having trouble watching videos on this site period as of late. Youtube videos always work fine, but everything else barely wants to load. In iOS this results in the repeating video, in a regular browser it just means I get an awful lot of the spinning loading ring. Then I can maybe watch a minute or two of video every ten minutes on High, when I should have no problem watching things on HD. It's, uh, extremely frustrating, to say the least.

#30 Posted by J_Milez (23 posts) -

Agree that it seems to have gotten worse recently. I recall it happening once or twice as I watched the Destiny Raid archives, over the course of what, 24 hours of video? But when I try to watch the most recent GBE Playdate it happens dozens of times in the span of a few minutes.

I haven’t tried watching on my laptop yet, because I don’t normally carry it everywhere. I will try tomorrow after work, for Science.

#31 Posted by NEPatriot (9 posts) -

Things seem to be running better for me this morning except videos aren’t resuming from saved position on iOS.

#32 Posted by MetaGhost (6 posts) -

I’m reasonably sure this is a problem with iOS11. Have now had the same issue with embedded twitch streams, twitch streams in the twitch app, and videos in the dailymotion app.

Only found one related reference so far in google


#33 Posted by dallen33 (23 posts) -

Streaming on iOS 11 is a mess. Constantly skips back 5 seconds or so. Also no longer saves video position nor loads video positions. Using iOS 11.1.

#34 Edited by SgtFlowers (3 posts) -

When I watch Giant bomb videos on my iPad it will sometimes rewind over and over, it’s just like what everyone else here is describing. Sometimes it skips a couple seconds ahead randomly as well, haven’t seen that in awhile though. Running IOS11. It has been funny here and there, Jeff Singing over and over on the first game tapes was great.

#35 Posted by J_Milez (23 posts) -

As of yesterday I rather suddenly stopped having this issue. I am trying to figure out what, if anything, I did on my end. If I find anything of consequence I’ll update.

#36 Posted by SeanPCannon (38 posts) -

I can confirm the repeating issue still happening (iPad ios11) it seems to occur randomly

#37 Posted by J_Milez (23 posts) -

I haven’t had it rewind a single time since my last post, but I’ve been unable to figure out what might have changed. Since other folks are still having this problem I’d like to compare configs with anyone still having the issue regularly.

Some notes: it stopped happening on both my ipad and phone around the same time. Resume from last position does not work.

I’ll post my ipad/phone’s specs and safari settings once I get to a computer.

#38 Posted by J_Milez (23 posts) -

iPad: 9.7" iPad Pro (2016), model A1673, iOS 11.0.3 (15A432) | iPhone: Red iPhone 7, model A1660, iOS 11.0 (15A372)

Safari settings on both are identical, minus a few device-specific features (like tabs on the iPad).

Search: Everything is disabled. Default SE is Google.

General: Everything is enabled. I have one Content Blocker, Purify, but Giantbomb.com is whitelisted.

Privacy & Security: [Prevent Cross-Site Tracking],[Ask Websites Not To Track Me], and [Fraudulent Website Warning] are enabled. All others disabled.

Advanced: Javascript is enabled.

Experimental Features (in Advanced): Everything is disabled.

#39 Posted by DaBoost386 (17 posts) -

Same issue since ios 11 on iPad pro.

#40 Posted by hollitz (2327 posts) -

Same thing happens to me. Glad I'm not the only one. I usually put a GB video on my phone as I drift off to sleep.
Lately, I've had to watch them on Youtube instead of onsite.

#41 Posted by MetaGhost (6 posts) -

Still having this bug happen, not just on this website. I’d encourage anyone experiencing this to send apple feedback, if they haven’t already. http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html

#42 Posted by GValo (618 posts) -

This is the more recent thread so i'll post this here

I've had the issue on my iPad before but it was on a slower network. I eventually started using my iPad on a higher bandwidth network and it was fine. Started having the issue on that network today (it's happening right now during the bombcast actually). I've been on iOS 11 since it rolled out and today is the first day I've experienced the issue. The stream will jump back to the beginning and I'll have to jump back to current. It will stay there for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes before going back to the start.

I change the quality of the stream from Auto to Low and it's been fine so far

#43 Posted by skithemadrussian (44 posts) -

Still happening with me, as well...

#44 Posted by DBHashman93 (1 posts) -

Just started having the rewind problem this evening, also iOS 11. Video resume hasn’t been working for me for a while.

#45 Edited by Lunchbox55 (26 posts) -

I’ve been having this issue since the destiny raid. I run chrome on my iPad though, and I hadn’t seen anyone else post that. Mostly annoying, occasionally entertaining.

#46 Posted by fledeye (203 posts) -

It’s the inconsistency of it that I don’t understand.

A video that is unwatchable on giantbom.com runs fine on qlcrew.com. Twitch wigs out while YouTube works perfectly.

#47 Posted by monetarydread (2861 posts) -

Just popped in to report this bug as well. I am on the latest IOS release on my iPad mini 4 and GB is the only site I have issues with. There are no problems when viewing content using the QLcrew app, so I have been using that lately but videos not working natively is starting to get annoying.

#48 Posted by Rorie (5036 posts) -

So Will, our lead engineer, has a ticket open to talk about this with Akamai as it looks to probably be an issue on their end and they've been hearing about it from other sites. Unfortunately it most likely won't get resolved this week. In the meantime I'd recommend the Giant Bomb Video Buddy app on your phone if you're looking to watch on the go, as I believe it should still be working on iPhones. Sorry for the trouble.

#49 Edited by adam24 (78 posts) -

@rorie: any update on this? It’s getting even worse now. Plus videos seem to halt or break on quality changes.

#50 Posted by Rorie (5036 posts) -