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#101 Posted by fledeye (222 posts) -

I don’t know if it’s of any use to the team to know, but although it still happens on GBTV, it’s not nearly as bad and doesn’t happen at all if I watch through the official YouTube app.

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#102 Posted by hollitz (2334 posts) -

Still a constant problem with the videos. I watch any non-premium stuff on YouTube now. Premium stuff I don't get to much anymore, sadly :/

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#103 Edited by Rorie (5133 posts) -

@fledeye: Are you talking about Premium videos or even non-Premium videos in GBTV? Non-premium stuff should be in the YT player, I think.

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#104 Posted by fledeye (222 posts) -


Both I think. Mario Party Party 2 is currently playing and is showing on YouTube fine despite being premium.

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#105 Edited by PolarisInParis (8 posts) -

Just throwing my hat into the ring and saying that it’s happening on all my devices, too (iPhone X, iPad Pro 2). It sucks, cause now I don’t get to watch UPF live anymore, since the first half always happens during my commute home. They also haven’t updated the Video Buddy app to support the X, so it’s not great watching videos there, either.

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#106 Posted by NPCDi (576 posts) -

Yeah it's been like this on my iPad for months. I just can't watch GB videos on it.

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#107 Posted by BomberJan (18 posts) -

I posted in the Streaming Issues thread, but my issue is the iOS bug...it happens several times a week from Chrome/Safari on iPad and iPhone. It is a real bummer :-(

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#108 Posted by andythemeZ (345 posts) -

Never happens on Low for me only higher.

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#109 Edited by Rorie (5133 posts) -
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#110 Edited by nihilisticmonkey (113 posts) -


10 month old app with no updates.

Seems like the developer has dropped it. You don’t make it. It’s not a CBSi product.

No iPhone X screen support.

Bet it doesn’t support the newer site features like resume.

I appreciate you’re trying to placate us, but the fix should be simply ‘you guys make this work’.

Throw resource at it until you fix it. Escalate it. Put someone permanantly on it until it’s fixed. Stall the re-design. Stall GB Infinite. Buy iPhones/iPads to test on. Get bodies on this until you can fix it.

If you literally can’t fix it then:-

A) Seriously? Out of all the sites we stream from that use Akamai, CDNs etc, yours is the only one that cannot reliably deliver video to iOS? You can’t crack this? Come on...

B) Something need to be done for premium subscribers then when you can’t provide your service to the devices we need. This isn’t a niche case. This is you not being able to provide video to a platform that makes up nearly 50% of the smartphone OS market share in the US. this is insane that its going on for so long.

Even if this is you just holding your hands up and admitting you can’t support mobile video and dropping it. Developing your own app in house for iOS/Android & supporting it (even if it’s just for premium members) or dropping the premium price because you can’t give us consistent service.

I pay money for this. You. Need. To. Resolve. This.

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#111 Posted by BomberJan (18 posts) -

@rorie Is this one still being worked? Just wondering if the Burger reference is to let folks know that you won’t be able find a solution.

It has actually started to make me question my subscription and I’m sure others feel the same. I know these things are tough and I’m not mad about it. Bottom line is it just brings down the value of the service.

Either way you all are great and I still love ya!

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#112 Posted by indieslaw (574 posts) -

I guess I just ran into this too. iOS newest on an iPhone 8. Trying Burger and some of the other apps for now.

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#120 Posted by BomberJan (18 posts) -

Happening again from the Monster Hunter stream... huge boooooo

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#125 Posted by mordi (587 posts) -

I have this issue as well. It’s maddening!

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#126 Edited by KirkyX (351 posts) -

@nihilisticmonkey: When I had the issue - cleared up randomly a few months ago, but it'd been a problem for ages before then, across two separate iPads - I experienced it on quite a few other sites, too, so I'm really not sure this is necessarily something GB can fix. I mean, it's a problem that only occurs on iOS devices - haven't had it on anything else, desktop or mobile (I've got an Android phone) - across a multitude of different websites, so... I dunno, I'm more inclined to put this one on Apple, honestly.

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#127 Posted by fledeye (222 posts) -


I think it’s an Apple problem too, but I’ve looked and can’t find anywhere that Apple acknowledges the problem.

I don’t know what part of Apple are in the same building as GB, but it should be possible for someone to flag it up to Apple and at least see if they are aware of it even if they’re not going to try and fix it.

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#128 Posted by indieslaw (574 posts) -

I have been using alternative stuff when on my iphone/ipad for GB lately, but I had this issue come up again midway through the EA livestream today. I don't know if it's the same issue/cause, but it was the same behavior, the repeating 5 seconds. This one is kind of a bummer, because a big part of the E3 stuff for me is scanning chat during the streams, so yeah... this one hurts a little.

Anyway, I know it's a crazy busy time, so I'll just use those alternates for the E3 stuff too, but this is me saying that this is still an issue, and today it was a little sad. Thanks guys!

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#129 Posted by fledeye (222 posts) -

Has there been any progress on this from the CBSi side or have any users found a decent solution?

My premium is up for renewal in a couple of months and since I can’t watch anything live or GBi and can only watch videos on youtube or on someone else’s brilliant service (qlcew.com), I’m not going to renew it unless it’s sorted or there’s a proper way round it, it’s a waste of money at the moment.

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#133 Posted by BrunoFFS (112 posts) -

I'm having a similar issue where only the sounds plays again but the video continues as normal, it is driving me insane. Anything i can do to fix this?

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#136 Edited by Vortextk (784 posts) -

@brunoffs: refresh the video to stop the ones you’ve already seen, the repeats. Won’t stop more from possibly happening and nothing you can do to fix it all that I know of so far.

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#138 Posted by BrunoFFS (112 posts) -

@vortextk: I changed to Progressive from HTML5 and it seems to have worked so far.