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I've been having a few problems with videos/the video player

  1. If I try to watch something in HTML5 HD, sometimes the video will randomly stop (like its trying to buffer). It can't be my internet connection, because speedtest.net is telling me my connection is fine (18 mbps) and I can watch HD stuff on youtube, netflix, vimeo, etc fine. Everything works fine if I bump it down to the high setting.
  2. When I change the quality of a video mid play, it stops the video and when I try to hit play it starts playing for a few seconds, then stops again, forcing me to refresh the page and lose my spot in the video.

That's it, really. Here's my setup info

  • Browser- Chrome Ver. 36.0.1985.97 beta-m
  • OS - Windows 7 64-bit
  • RAM - 4 GB

If you need more info, just comment. And thanks!

Update: I'm testing different browsers to see if the problem is isolated to chrome or not. It happens on IE as well, but it seems much worse on chrome (more frequent). I can't seem to play HTML5 videos on firefox at all,

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where are you? US? East Coast? West Coast? Europe? Antarctica? ;)

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I also have problems with HTML 5 on Firefox. It worked fine for a good while but now sometimes loads, most of the time not. I think this started around the time of the video player switch, maybe?

  • Windows 7 home 64 bit
  • Firefox 30.0
  • 4 GB ram
  • eastern US

Really just throwing this out there to see if there's a simple fix on my end. The normal player works mostly fine so it's not a huge deal but it does kick my fans into high a lot more than HTML 5 does.

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Also having problems with HTML5 recently. Video does a weird rubberbanding between the current frame and the next while playing. Audio works fine.

Normlly I wouldn't report this since it is a kind of strange error (and presumably on my end) but seeing as some other folks are having trouble...

Chrome / Win7 64 / 4gb ram / Europe

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@mrpibb: US, east coast. It seems to be kind of random. The last few days it was constantly stopping mid play, but then today I watched the 4 hour UPF with no issue. Im convinced it's not my internet connection, but I could be wrong.

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hmmm, let me try to get some qos monitors up, hopefully midway thru the week so we can see what's going on.

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I will also chime in on this, because I'm experiencing the same symptoms. Windows 7 x64, 8GB RAM, 26mbps speedtest. Never used to have any problems with HD HTML5 video or changing quality mid video. Midwest, US.

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Same here East Coast Win 7 64 Chrome. I have two different ISPs at my office and I can switch my gateway to point at one or the other. Both connections have the same issue 49Mbps verizon and 20Mbps optimum. It'll stop the video and the audio will play for a few seconds. Then you get some choppy video and audio pauses. I have to reload the page to fix it. I have seen it on IE as well. Seems to have started since Jeff said there was a switch to Amazon.

Edit: Happens mostly after a pause of 5 to 10 minutes

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I guess my problem may be related.

Whenever I exit fullscreen on an HTML5 video, the video stops. When I start it up again, my position hasn't been saved.

Windows 8.1 x64, 16GB, Chrome (latest), 15-16Mbps from New Zealand.

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I forgot to mention that my issue only happens with Chrome. Tried it again today and I noticed it is mainly with larger files, such as the Freedom Stream. I am having tons of trouble with that video. Watched the recent mailbag and didn't have issues until like 30 seconds left in the video. I changed to IE, even though it is an inferior HTML5 browser, and have been watching the Freedom stream for about an hour with no trouble. Chrome is up to date and I have pepper flash disabled if that matters. Which it shouldn't for HTML5, but figure I would mention it.

Edit: Was playing videos no problem for most of the morning with IE using HTML5 in HD, but having issues now full screen with the most recent Worth Playing video. Only happened around 4-5 times about 10 minutes in. Doesn't seem to happen when the video is small, but I never watch the videos that way, so it's hard to tell if that's really true.

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Chiming in here to comment on running into the same issue within the past month or two. I've tried moving the quality down to low as well to see if it resolves the problem, and while it occurs less often, it still happens enough through out the videos to be annoying. I've moved back to streaming/progressive for the time being so I can still watch every thing hassle free, but HTML5 is preferred because it's not such a CPU hog.