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So starting yesterday any video I try watching on the site using the embedded video player (youtube versions are fine) stops playing immediately after 9 seconds. By stop I mean it behaves as if the player has reached the end of the video. I have tried this on multiple videos (the most recent game tapes, UPF and Blue Bombin') and it cuts off exactly 9 seconds into each one. If I try to jump to a spot farther in the video, it just responds as if I went to the very end of the video. The problem is identical when watching a video in incognito mode. Any suggestions?

For reference, I am having this problem in Chrome on an Acer Chromebook.

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I'm getting the same issue on a Toshiba Chromebook 2. It also does that spinny loading thing forever if I manually select HD instead of auto. Disabling my extensions doesn't seem to do anything.

Edit: Just tried running this on the same chromebook under my Linux installation (via crouton) and the videos run fine on Firefox in that. HD is absolutely smooth with no buffering. No idea why the base Chrome OS is having so many issues with this new video player. I think it was fine just a month ago on this chromebook.

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Seems to be an issue with chomeOS I too am having the issue on a dell Chromebook except I cant even get the UPF videos to even start now. I"ve disabled all of my plugins thinking it was one of those but still nothing hopefully it will get resolved one of the reasons I bought a Chromebook was for portable Giant Bombing :p

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I am having the same problem with a Chromebox :( :( :(

Can we get some help with this please?

NOTE: If you fiddle with the video "Settings" it will start working..

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@rorie said:

@hyperstalker: @fantasticmango: @excessdebris: Have you tried adjusting the quality of the video up and down? Does that do anything different?

Also, if you can try going back a month or so to a video that appeared before we switched to 1080p, that might be another useful datapoint.

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I've experienced similar problems on my HP chromebook. Videos seem to stop randomly after 5-10 seconds while watching on chromeOS.

I tried switching video quality down and that did help. High and low quality worked fine and the issues were only present with HD setting. This was the case for both HTML5 and progressive players. I also tested with a pre-60-fps video, a Stardew Valley Playdate from early january, and It worked flawlessly even in HD.

One interesting thing is that this issue seems to be somehow tied to chromeOS. I have a virtualized linux desktop running on this chromebook and I decided to try out one of those new problematic videos on it. The video worked in HD when played on chrome running on linux, on the same hardware.

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Bumping because I'm still experiencing this with my Chromebook Pixel (2015). Adjusting quality or video type (HTML5 or progressive) does not fix this issue. Very rarely I can watch a video all the way through but most of the time it stops as described. This happens on videos where I have saved progress and on videos where I do not. It is a huge bummer.

I just tested it with this older video and it has not stopped after 2:30 in. I also refreshed and watched to 3:50 without issue. The video was set to HTML5 and Auto quality.

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This issue has started on my Chromebook again, though the laptop hasn't been updated, at least to my knowledge.

Being logged in or not, running every extension, no extensions (even no HTTPS Everywhere or UBlock) or running in incognito doesnt appear to make a difference with the new video player. 9 seconds in, the video will stop and I am met with the black screen and loading video loop animation. If I attempt to resume a video I have watched on another machine, it will pick up resuming, but then just stop 9 seconds later.

If its an issue with the OS and not the browser, I think maybe to 10 or 20 of us total that use Chrome OS to access Giant Bomb might be out of luck.

I pressed the very handy "Report a Problem" button on the Rick and Morty VRodeo, thankfully THAT button still works while the video doesn't!

I am running;

Version 57.0.2987.146 (64-bit)
Platform 9202.64.0 (Official Build) stable-channel
peppyFirmware Google_Peppy.4389.93.0

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My wife has a Chromebook Plus that gradually starts doing this - to begin with it starts freezing videos after some seconds, and eventually gets to the point where a video just won't play at all. You can skip around in the video and see individual frames, but it won't play.

I tried incognito mode to make sure it's not an extension, no luck there. I tried clearing the cache, no luck there. I tried signing out (ctrl shift Q twice) and the screen went black and nothing would respond at all (I don't *think* that's the normal behavior of signing out). After 5 seconds of failing to get a response, I held the power button until the light went out, turned it back on, logged back in, and videos worked again, so it seems like maybe some sort of resource leak. (Perhaps audio related, since skipping around in the video works but we can't get any audio at all.)