Videos that cause GB Infinite to die

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I don't think there's a thread for this yet? If there is, sorry.

As of about 102 minutes ago, the Quick Look: Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show (01/10/15) has caused the GB Infinite stream to end presumably due to YouTube's weird policies/scrapers about using content from a TV show as the QL does contain footage from whatever Rabbids show was on TV.

This is (at least according to chat) not the first time this has happened with this video, and other videos have apparently caused similar problems.

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I'm not sure what the best idea is to deal with this (take it out of rotation so it can't be voted on?) but probably having a list of the main offenders that cause the stream to die will help out @wcarle immensely.

[Edit as I was there: during the Rabbids thing, the video cut off at least three times while watching, presumably during the bits where the TV content stuff was visible. I am assuming, but do not know for sure, that they were probably content warnings. Eventually after the third-ish cut-off the video feed went completely offline.]

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yeah a Bioforge video don't remember the episode always crashes somewhere in the video don't remember the timestamp either.

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Stream broke twice during Backflips 'n BioForge part 2.

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RIP Puyo Puyo Tetris quick look in advance.

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RIP Puyo Puyo Tetris quick look in advance.

If you're referring to The Substitute one, I'm not sure that one is a problem and is still on YouTube to this day without any content warnings or mention in the video's description.

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the Aww Snap! crash that died for ~12 hours last month was caused by GBE playing Mass Effect Andromeda on April 9. Quick Look: Mass Effect: Andromeda (3/20/2017)

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Happened just now, May 19 around 245am. Just want to write this down somewhere

Xbox One Launchtacular Part 3 was playing. We voted for TNT 04/26/12 when poll normally triggered. Around the end of the current video, we suddenly got a new poll (presumably because TNT broke), but the timer was too long and poll was still going when the bumper ended. So since the poll never ended, it just assumed every video was 0 votes, and took the top video (Spelunkin' With Scoops 01/14/2014) even though there were 2 other videos with more actual votes. Weird thing

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Live now on Giant Bomb Infinite: Thursday Night Throwdown: 10/09/2013 (05/09/13) broked.!

Also has an incorrect date for the title.