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Since the switch to the new site (which I like a lot btw.) videos on GB are unwatchable for me ... Neither progressive nor HTML5 or streaming in any decent quality is doable since the video stops, plays 2 seconds and stops again. I usually have no problems streaming HD content so I assume it has something to do with the new player.

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I have had this as well. Not as bad as you describe but it has been an issue. I have had to download a few videos in order to watch them. But even the download rate has been really slow at times. Maybe it's just the new site bedding down still? I dunno but it's weird. I had no issues on the old site and live streams still work fine.

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Getting very similar problems. I don't have the best internet connection, admittedly, but on the old player I could load entire longer GB videos (let's say 30ish minutes) in about 10 minutes - in the new progressive player, I'll be lucky if that 10 minute wait gets me a minute or two. I've tried the streaming option and it's hitchy as well as extremely low quality, to the point that it's unwatchable. I would try youtube, since I can load youtube videos perfectly fine - but for some bizarre reason access to that player on the site is now Members only. Currently, if I want to watch GB video content, (which I have to say, is the main draw for me coming to the site), I have to wait for it to be uploaded on their youtube channel, and watch it on Youtube rather than through the site - which, if you ask me, makes the idea of having the Youtube player on Giant Bomb subscriber-only even weirder.

I don't mind the aesthetics of the site redesign, but this has really bummed me out. I hope it's down to new site growing pains, because if it isn't, I might as well just subscribe to TheRealGiantBomb on youtube and only visit the site for the podcast - which happens to load just fine on its fancy new cassette-player.

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Having a similar issue. Videos will randomly stop and go to a gray screen. I can usually reload the page the it will auto-resume, but every now and then it have to manually skip to where I was.

Happening on my windows 7 work pc and my windows 8 home pc. Both using Chrome.

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"Grey screen" problem here as well. Using Comodo Dragon (Chrome derivative).

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hi guys

I'm working with akamai on this issue. Can you run a traceroute to v.giantbomb.com and pm me the details? Also, if you have a speedtest that will help as well.


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I'm having the same stop/start problem in addition to I cannot scrub through any of the video's. Clicking on the scrub bar does nothing.

Love the new site design.