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#1 Posted by Sharpless (505 posts) -

When I go to watch a video and press play, the player just goes black and nothing happens. I'm using Chrome and Windows 7, if that's relevant. Needless to say, everything was fine with the old video player; this is new to me.

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#2 Posted by FlappyHands (3046 posts) -

Yup, same here.
Pretty sure it's just another glitch while they smooth over this new code and plug the holes. Also, if it's any help when the video won't play, hovering over the "Quality" option yields a "no entry" sign and I can't click the quality button at all.

Running the latest version of Firefox on 64bit Win7 here.

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#3 Posted by SnowyPliskin (193 posts) -

Im getting no play controls at all. Even weirder is that i do when im logged out. Running Windows 7, latest chrome version.

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#4 Posted by Rorie (5868 posts) -
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#5 Posted by SnowyPliskin (193 posts) -

Must be a chrome issue for me, I have the exact same page open in chrome and safari with no big red play button in chrome but one in Safari. Strange.

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#6 Posted by Corwag (427 posts) -

Same problem here, Windows 8.1 chrome.

I fixed it by changing the setting to "streaming" option and it starting working again.

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#7 Posted by VictoryCheezin (39 posts) -

Same here , using Safari, I press play and the screen just goes black it's been a problem for awhile now even maybe before the site was officially updated

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#8 Posted by FlappyHands (3046 posts) -

I've found a potential short term workaround for myself (maybe for others?). Before you load the video, try putting the quality to "Low", hopefully the video will begin playing in low quality. Once it is, you can then switch up to High or HD as you desire and it should work. It works for me!

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#10 Posted by Suicrat (3829 posts) -

I'm having the same problem with firefox version 27.0 and Windows 7. I managed to watch the Jazz Punk quick look through and yesterday's Spelunkin' with Scoops through twitch though.

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#11 Posted by gamerpigeon (575 posts) -

same here

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#12 Posted by coldblood (217 posts) -

videos do not work at all for me. I am running an old machine.

mac os x 10.4.11 on firefox and omniweb. both browsers have obviously not been updated in awhile as my apples os does not support anything anymore. was wondering what the minimum specs are to run videos on this site. I love this site and pay money to be a proud member, but if I have no way of watching videos there is no reason to come here anymore. please let me know if my machine will be supported or not.

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#13 Posted by Baillie (4711 posts) -
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#14 Posted by coldblood (217 posts) -

@baillie: Not exactly an easy update from 10.4 at this point. did some research on this and its not as simple as it sounds. Also would make many of my programs that I use often unworkable. Don't get me wrong, I should've updated looooooong ago. Not mad at GB for not supporting just was hoping to not have to youtube everything. Also, no need for a premium membership at this point. Sometime this year I will be putting some money into a new computer (pc) so I will be back then. I'm just bummed out is all.

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#15 Posted by mrpibb (480 posts) -

for those with video problems, please try clearing your domain cookies and see if that helps. We're seeing some conflicts between old video cookies and the current player.

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#16 Posted by coldblood (217 posts) -

@mrpibb: Just did what you said and still nothing. Cleared in both Omniweb and Firefox.

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#17 Posted by mrpibb (480 posts) -

@coldblood: what version of firefox? you might want to try as new a flash variant as possible instead of updating firefox, but yes unfortunately a lot of the new features make it hard for us to support multiple browser variants and OS variants with the small team that does the work behind the scenes.

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#18 Edited by Neonie (438 posts) -

Using Chrome, also having a problem with videos not playing. The only thing that's saving me right now is the fact that I'm a subscriber and can use the download button and that loads the video for streaming purposes, but the main sites video player is completely not working for me.

Windows 7


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#19 Posted by optimusprime223 (460 posts) -

hey guys, just to let you know I am using chrome on my iPad, with iOS 7.4 and getting similar issues. Sometimes videos will play then I will get a 'could not load video' error, sometimes they just wont load at all, the player just goes black, and sometimes I get a 'could not load program' error.

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#20 Posted by SnowyPliskin (193 posts) -

In Chrome if i am logged out I get video controls, when I log in I dont. Sucks because Im a premium member and yet when I log in I cant use the site.

No issues in Safari though. I just prefer Chrome.

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#21 Posted by MisterPlow (5 posts) -

this video player is absolute garbage