View latest episodes triggers a 404 page.

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Hey guys, just a quick heads up. Of note, this bug happens of pretty much all Exquisite Corps videos I've tried, 29, 27, 22 etc. I've also tried the link on a 13 Deadly Sims episode and this leads to the same issue. Looking at the url itself, my guess is that the url string is missing a closing or opening comma.

*Additional Info*

thisisacooltag report that the bug happens also on Blue Bombing and Random Game tapes episodes. This seems to lead to a missing comma / extra comma being part of the template block for the Latest Episodes sidebar.

Steps to reproduce below:

1) On the prologue video page for Exquisite Corps.

2) Click the view latest episodes link in the right column,

3) Hits a 404. Url looks like this:

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Im having a 404 page not found pop up when i click on the latest episode of UPF for 5/11/18, especially when click on the "premium video is available" banner at the top of the page

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Further to the OP, the correct link should just point to - without the beginning bit which is the address of the current page you are on. Is the CMS wonky? I checked random Game Tapes & Blue Bombing episodes, and the 'view latest episodes' links there have the same problem so I presume it is site-wide.

@garbo91 that seems to have fixed itself

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@thisisacooltag : Thanks for the reporting, I'll edit my OP with your additional info.

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Just came across this bug on this page:

Quick look at the source has the link pointing to href='""''

Note the single and double quotes, url might have quotes round it on the database? Or something else is wrapping that in double quotes before the single quotes

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