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Not so much a site bug but recently there's been a noticable difference in the volume between videos produced from the San Francisco and NY offices, NY produced videos are consistently quieter than SF videos (not just the mics, but also the QL intro).

Wondering if anyone else had noticed this or if it's a known issue.

EDIT: Found this thread from a couple of years ago, weirdly I've only just noticed this difference.

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I have noticed this for years, and it's not just between east and west.
Most of the time I use headphones, and digging through downloaded material over the years the volume is really inconsistent between videos.

And generally GB is not as loud as the rest of internet. I think we have to live with this, GB has never been known for a high production value and probably never will.

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Chiming in to say this has been a longtime issue. I hope they fix it at some point but it's not the end of the world if they don't.

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I find the west coast videos are loud rather than east being quiet. I need my TV volume much lower with GBW videos than anything else. Not really a major issue but is noticeable.

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It's pretty much on a per video basis for me.
It's better than it was, years ago i used to download every video so i could use VLC's volume boost, i still download every video but now i only have to adjust within 10%.

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@hansgr00ber: This, I find I have to step the West videos down a bunch for them to not be aggravating