What happened to Vinnyvania, Bloodstained 03?

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I've been waiting for the video to show up in the feed of my GB Roku or Xbox app and now I can't find it on the site at all. I originally was watching it by streaming from my phone to my Roku, which works but isn't ideal. From what I saw, this was a great episode that had me laughing out loud, so I've wanting to finish it and/or watch it again. So, what happened? Where did it go? When will it be back?

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I was wondering the same thing. Watched most of the episode last night and now it seems to be gone...

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Yeah, I was in the middle of watching, clicked off, and found I couldn't return to the page. I cried. The merciless Vinny giveth and taketh away. Hopefully, they get it worked out soon so I can find out what antics gets in to in his snazzy kung fu shoes!

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I hope they fix it soon as I watched this live and it's the best feature on the site next to the Wednesday playdate. I love how Vinny just accepted the absurd nature of the game and is having a blast with how dumb it all is. His ability to entertain himself while playing the game is such a positive force it always pumps up my mood.

I guess I just wanted to rave a bit about how Vinny is an absolute treasure.

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@rorie@vinny any idea ? is it gone for good or, will it be up later this coming week ?

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There’s only so long you can make your heretical grinder before the FCC steps in

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Episode 02 is also 404ing... :'(

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It’s back up for me now

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Yes, it's back!

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It's back up on the site, but still missing from the RSS feed.