Wii U Update 5.5.6

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I have discovered that Wii U update 5.5.6 is actually a virus designed to brick Wii U consoles before the shutdown so no one can make any more purchases through the eShop. I have tested four different Wii U consoles at two different houses with wireless and wired internet connections. All four consoles are at 5.5.5 and have never been modded or hacked in any way, shape or form. The consoles have valid accounts and have purchased and downloaded games before and have updated just fine before 5.5.6. Now the update screens freeze at 99% or just continue to spin, not progressing any further for several hours until shutdown by holding the power button. So the consoles can still be booted up and played but the eShop servers cannot be accessed. I have contacted Nintendo support about this issue and I was told that was no more support available for the Wii U and to just buy a Switch as they will be offering the virtual console games through their Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass service. As it turns out, Nintendo is forcing everyone to instead pay for yearly subscription services to have access to a smaller set of games and to not outright own the games. Nintendo is turning towards that "Games as a service" business methodology.