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I seem to have lost some points for the some of the edits that I had made on the old site. I wanted to try adding background images, and I had thought that I had 1000 points for at least one page, specifically this one: DragonRealms. I made a test edit this morning, which put me at 26 points, but prior to that, I was the top contributor with 6 points, which doesn't seem reasonable for a page that long. If I remember correctly (this was years ago), I think most of that page was created with one massive edit, so maybe it's an issue with that? The other pages that I remember making large-ish edits to (200-300 points) seem to be displaying fine.

I also checked my Points History on my profile, and my total amount doesn't add up to the breakdown. My total shows that I have 2755 points, but adding all the individual items up, I end up with around 1100 points.

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There's already at least one other thread on this.

Apparently some people have lost their points contributions crediting on both game pages and their profiles, even though their points total remains unchanged.

I had 200-something points on the Injustice: Gods Among Us page, but I'm no longer credited there, nor does the game appear in my list of wiki contributions. However, my points total seems to have been carried over correctly from the old site.