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just wondering if the app will be updated to work with windows phone 8 or if even the website will allow me to watch videos on my phone

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I have an iPhone and don't even have the app, shouldn't the mobile site work fine on your phone?

EDIT: Also, if you can use Youtube on the Windows phone, the Giantbomb channel is "The Real Giant Bomb" and most of their videos are uploaded there.

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site itself works fine but any video I click on does nothing. and I know about the youtube channel but I want to get back into the membership stuff but I don't wanna subscribe if it doesn't work on my phone( you cant view those on youtube).

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I'm pretty sure they don't have an official app anymore. If there's a Windows app, I'm pretty sure that's fan made and out of their hands. The mobile website is their app.

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Ask the developer of the app. You'll have to search the forum for it.

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I guess it's this one. The thread hasn't been updated since 2011, and neither has the app. Too bad. I haven't used it because I don't have a Windows Phone, but it looks like it fits in with the platform really well.

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Nah, its not an official app. And., that's why the mobile website version got made, and re-launched so we could all use it.

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Try finding an app the allows for passworded RSS feeds and that can stream and download videos from them. Then you can add the RSS feeds to it.