Is Jenga a cairn?

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Posted by McP (45 posts) 11 months, 22 hours ago

Poll: Is Jenga a cairn? (45 votes)

Yes 18%
No 82%
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#1 Posted by xanadu (2049 posts) -

Can you buy jenga made out of rocks?

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#2 Posted by mikewhy (346 posts) -

Definition of Cairn

: a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or as a landmark.

I'd put emphasis on "stones" but I'm on mobile.

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#3 Posted by BallsLeon (566 posts) -

What would you call an intricately-stacked pile of wood

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#4 Posted by jamesyfx (155 posts) -

Are the Pyramids classed as.. cairns?