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Black Ops 4 copies are out in the wild, and while most folks (myself included) have to wait a while longer, I figure there's no time like the present to make new friends. That way we don't have to waste time looking for friends when we could be playing with friends. And where better to find friends than giantbomb.com?

Add if you're looking for folks for Zombies or regular multiplayer too. Maybe include a rough indication of region and timezone/times you'll be playing for lag prevention purposes and so you'll actually be online at the same time. Don't put your personal info at risk or anything though.

Platform: PS4

PSN: Truckakhan

Microphone: Yes, and I prefer playing with mic'd up folks.

Modes: Blackout (mostly quads, duos is fun too), multiplayer

Region and time: Canada, typically sometime between 6pm-1am EST with some wiggle room.

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PSN BoomerJay

Mostly looking to play Blackout but the other modes look fun too.

I’m west coast, PST, generally play in the evenings.

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is there a discord or something?

platform: PC
bnet username: raav#2437

region eu: Down for anything, but my main mode is gonna be blackout (i suck though)

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PSNID: Sidekick-Trio AEST timezone.

There's no Giant Bomb Blops discord, I've done some lfg in the normal GB discord with no luck and the Reddit discord for Blops is a little sweaty for my liking.

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I created a quick and dirty Discord server for Blops 4. I'll add more channels later as needed, just wanted to get something up and running for people looking for fellow duders to play with.

That said, I'm new to creating discord servers... is it safe to just post an invite link on here, or would we be better suited having people message for an invite?

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@syndrom: Yeah it's called Unofficial Giant Bomb. I found the link in a thread by googling it.

@Dourin just post a link in this thread, you can always make it invite only later if it gets rowdy.

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PSN ID: Longflopper

Would love to play blackout with giantbomb people.

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#10 Posted by WillyOD (353 posts) -

EU. PSN: diippii

Mostly playing Blackout so far. Add me if you want to play for fun and the V.

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#11 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1569 posts) -

PC (US): Epidemik#1407

Add and invite whenever you see me playing. Mostly doing normal MP modes and Blackout.

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Xbox One - Euryb

Up to playing any mode.

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This thread is way quieter than I would have expected!

I like Black Ops IIII quite a lot, so please add me if you're that way inclined. Playing across all three modes, and occasionally tracking down some of the longer / harder Zombies trophies too. Just need nine more Blackout wins as well...

PSN ID: JohnnySpectre

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AUS PSN = knottyboy24

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Platform: PS4

PSN: G1ANTrobot

Microphone: Yes - it's a must

Modes: Blackout (duos, quads), Multiplayer (dom, SND, whatever)

Region and time: USA - I have a varying schedule so I play whenever I'm around the house. CST

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#16 Posted by RehRomano (1 posts) -

Platform: PS4

PSN: RehRomano

Microphone: Yes please

Mode: Blackout ideally but I'm up for whatever

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I'm on PS4 and would love some folks to play with. I've been trying to convince my friends to pick up the game, but alas no luck just yet. Feel free to shoot me a friend request and invite me if you see me online.

PSN - GetWhatYaGive

Mic - Yes

Mode - I'm up for any game mode

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I'm looking for some people to play with , I have a mic , not the worlds best but I'll play any mode , I'm on in the evening and Friday through Sunday. Psn name is Skooziboo